Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Collector Edition for PlayStation 4

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Screenshot from gamespot
Screenshot from gamespot

I really have not talked about this game, but it is a wonderful and HUGE open world game coming to the PS4. The good news about the game though is that we don’t have much longer to wait for it as it is slated to come out on May 19th. So with the release pretty much imminent, you know that there will be a Witcher 3 Wild Hunt collector edition for PlayStation 4. I do want to talk some about this game first though.

I have not played this game series in the past, but the developers have assured gamers that it is not necessary to play the past 2 games in order to play Witcher 3. The genre of Witcher 3 though is RPG (Role Playing Game). That means you get to level up the main game character known as Geralt. That also means your weapons will get stronger and you will create potions and engage in magic as well.

Now I am no stranger to open world rpg games as I am very familiar with another well known rpg series called Elder Scrolls. I have not played all the games in that series either, but I have played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I loved the open world in both of those games and the different interactions you had with the world and its people as well as quests such as the main story and side quests.

All of those easily combined to make it over 100 hours of gameplay. Skyrim is huge and a very mountainous map to explore, but what I liked about that game is the dragons you get to fight in it as well as it being part of the main quest.

The game developers in Poland have said that the game world in Witcher 3 will be 30 times larger than its predecessor and 20% larger than Bethesda’s Skyrim. As I said earlier, Skyrim was already quite large and the fact that the developers have said that Witcher 3 will be larger has me salivating.

It has also been said that there will be different methods of getting around the game map, but most of it will generally be on horseback. You also from time to time have to get around the map or to other lands by boat which I think is something that is good so that it will break the monotony of always riding on horseback (or walking if you prefer).

Some other things to note about Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is that there will be a dynamic day and night cycle, the fighting mechanics have been revamped, you can do battle while on horseback as well as at sea, and you can use a crossbow. There will also be fast travel available which is good given how big the map is supposed to be.

One thing the developers also wanted in this game is to make it that whatever decision you make especially when it comes to the main story and side quests, it will have direct impact on the game world. I think maybe an example of this is ignoring an NPC’s plea for help with something and then coming back and realizing that had you taken the time to help that person, you may have gotten a reward that would’ve been extremely helpful on a quest you may have engaged in or will have to engage in later on down the road. I know there is more to it than that, but that is just my example.

I know in GTA V in the online multiplayer and even to a point in the single player part of it, a lot of your actions will be talked about on the news in the game, mainly of all the mayhem that you can cause.

Now to the Collector’s Edition. It is supposed to come with some cool stuff that you’ll want to have displayed as well as read or look through. According to GameStop, what will be included is the standard edition of the game, a giant, 33x24x26 cm (10″ w US), 100% hand painted, Polystone figure of Geralt of Rivia battling a Griffin, an exclusive collector grade Witcher’s medallion, a one of a kind SteelBook, a 200 page artbook that is said to contain great looking art and huge inner and outer collector’s boxes that you can store the Witcher merchandise in. That is some cool and amazing stuff to have in the collector’s edition! Be warned though, it is pricy as it is showing a price of $149.99. Still though if you are willing to shell out the extra cash, you’ll be getting some really cool stuff to collect and keep. I haven’t quite decided though if I will get the collector’s edition though. I still have time to decide.

As you can see, this is an open world game that will be very large and will keep you engaged for quite sometime. With its large open world map, dynamic world, insane beasts to fight and many side quests as well as the main quest, it will keep you busy for quite awhile which is good since there is still a wait for some other exciting open world games that will come out later this year and sometime next year as well.

IGN recently played the game for around 6 hours and posted 15 minutes of gameplay as a video as well. The world looks amazingly good and I think certainly looks next generation and I know it will look even better on the PC version. Definitely check it out as they have a nice article of their 6 hours of gameplay along with the 15 minute video of some it. You’ll get to see some of the gameplay dialogue and what the combat will look like.

May 19th is the release date so if you haven’t already pre-ordered it, you should. I’ll admit, this game wasn’t even on my radar until I started reading articles and previews about it and how it won some awards at E3 as one of the best games to look forward to. I’m definitely going to reserve my copy.

2 thoughts on “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Collector Edition for PlayStation 4

  1. Hello – I’m an open world fan and have been waiting for the day when we get data cross-over between games. I’d love to take my character from Skyrim and my unlimited cash (using a console cheat for it, of course), into the world of Witcher 3 and vice versa.

    Witcher 3 looks like it’s taking a step forward in the genre.

    The more these games systems advance the more interactive and capable they are. PCs and PS4s are both computer systems so it makes me wonder why none of the games makers produce games console versions only for games machines. These systems can theoretically be used to create and add mods and loads of original new stuff.

    Do you have any idea if that’s on the horizon?

    Thanks – Andre

    1. You know you’re exactly right. The PS4 and also the Xbox One use the same architecture found in todays PCs and I have noticed lately that PC gaming has come back with a huge vengeance. I certainly can understand why as mods are created for today’s games that extend the longevity of the games and make them even more fun to play.

      I have not really heard of mods being allowed on the game systems even though theoretically they could support them. I’m not sure Sony likes the idea of modding on their system so I don’t see them allowing games with mods allowed on the PS4, not to mention that rumors are gaining steam saying that now we may just be a few years away from the release of new game systems such as the PS5 and whatever Microsoft decides to name their next Xbox system.

      One thing I am hearing though is that the Xbox One will be capable of playing multiplayer games with others that have the PC version of a game and it all has to do with Windows 10 and how Microsoft wants the PC and Xbox One to be connected or accessible to each other. Not sure if mods are part of this plan, but since a lot of the PC games these days have mods on them, I can see Microsoft being more lenient to that. We’ll just have to wait and see how that all plays out. Now I do want to mention that I have both game systems, but I play my PS4 a lot more than the Xbox One as I’ve generally been more of a PlayStation guy. There are some great open world games coming to the Xbox One that I don’t want to miss out on especially one that is coming that is going to do what no other game before has done on this scale and it looks AMAZING!! When I saw a video of the developers showing it in action, my jaw dropped. Trust me, when this game comes out I will create a page dedicated to open world games on the Xbox One and showcase this upcoming game.

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