GTA V PS4 Review

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Grand Theft Auto V Is Still Wonderful


It is now officially here for the new generation, Grand Theft Auto V. Now that I’ve had some time to play with it for awhile, let me tell you, it is definitely a beauty to behold! After playing it for a couple of weeks and playing some missions, exploring the map, and spending time playing as each of the three major characters, it is now time to tell how great the game is even after this re-release for the new systems!


The graphics for GTA V on PS3 were good even at 720p and definitely some of the best for that system. With the release of the game on the PS4 and  running in full 1080p, it just looks even better! The draw distance has been increased, the textures look sharper and more lifelike, there is more car traffic as well as increased pedestrians, the weather and day/night cycles looks even more lifelike. Every time I pop in the game and it loads up, I still get amazed at the sheer beauty of it.

More detail
Even Michael is impressed with how much better everyone looks!

Even as good as the graphics are, there are some hiccups here and there, but nothing that takes away from the experience. Once in a great while there will be some pop in from such things as signs and a few other objects, but again it is rare and does not take away from the experience. There is a little bit of a graphical edge on the PS4 version when compared to the Xbox One version mainly when it comes to being outside of the city as you’ll notice that the PS4 will have more authentic looking foliage. Some of the animals even look amazing in GTAV now.

First Person Mode

As I have mentioned before in a past post of mine of why you should get this game, the new first person mode is a first for the Grand Theft Auto series. It definitely takes some getting used to for me as I’m usually not a fps game person (have made some noticeable exceptions with the Call of Duty series in the past), but for those of you used to playing in first person, you should definitely have no problems.

You’ll notice a lot more detail when playing in first person mode. Things that looked a little fuzzy in the PS3 version from third person, looks much more clear and detailed thanks to increased textures and running in a 1080p resolution. It is especially amazing when driving in a car and looking down to see the dash and odometers move realistically such as the speed odometer. You’ll also notice other wonderful details when looking around in first person mode.

Now when there is a lot of action on screen, sometimes it can be a little burdensome because you can’t always see fast enough who is shooting at you in first person mode especially if they are behind you. I wouldn’t say it is anything that takes away from the game, it just can be a little challenging at times.

One thing that is fun though is riding a motorcycle in first person. It can be very exhilarating in the game almost as if you are actually riding one yourself and if you happen to crash or fall of a cliff in this mode, the effect of tumbling and falling is an intense rush or fear like you are falling in real life.

I would say that overall, it is definitely a worthy addition to Grand Theft Auto. It adds a new perspective and dimension to the game and makes you appreciate the detail that Rockstar took the time to put into the game.


One very nice thing is that if you’ve spent a lot of time with your online character that you created on the older version and don’t want to start all over, you’ll be able to do a one time transfer over to the PS4 version. I know a lot of people have spent quite a bit of time completing various jobs and missions in the online world as well as creating crew with others. The fact that Rockstar lets you transfer your character including money, weapons, property, and whatever else you may have is just icing on the cake.

Rockstar has also increased the number of online players that can be in the game world at one time to 30. It can get really chaotic and I was killed many times from other players that don’t want to do anything but take out other online players. It can be frustrating at times especially if your character has not gone up in rank and does not have access to the more advanced weapons. I haven’t played online very much in GTA V so my character has had a very low rank.

As I’m trying to make my way to the gunstore, Ammu-nation, I keep getting blasted in the head by others sometimes as soon as I respawn. It can be funny though sometimes as I watched chaos unfold from a distance with a whole bunch of other online players and then seeing someone flying a jet and then crash into the middle of nearly all of them, taking them all out.

My apartment/condo
My apartment/condo


My Verdict

I am glad to have purchased GTA V again for the new generation. The world of Los Santos and the surrounding area is now even more lifelike with greater detail than before thanks to running in full 1080p resolution. With some other new things added such as some new weapons, vehicles and even some character specific side missions as well as an expanded multi-player and first person mode, it has been well worth playing Grand Theft Auto V again.

You’ll laugh at some of the witty humor that the characters, especially Trevor, dish out in different moments of the game. This is a game that should last a long time and keep you interested until the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto arrives. 

Where to Buy

Amazon is probably one of the best places online to buy games as they always seem to have amazing deals. Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 is going for $29.99 and if you’re a Prime member, you get free 2 day shipping. You can’t really beat it for that price and if you’re one of the few who hasn’t bought the game yet for the PS4, head on over to Amazon right now and get it for that amazing price.

View from my condo
View from my condo



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