My Twitch TV PS4 Broadcast Replay

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If any of you have signed up for my email newsletter, you will have gotten exclusive access to my broadcast channel. I recently live streamed on twitch tv on my PS4 and played The Crew.

For those who were not able to tune in and watch it, I posted the entire broadcast on YouTube. This is the first live stream or broadcast that I have uploaded to YouTube to be viewed again. I had a few people tune in and watch me play various missions of The Crew including the final mission for the story mode.

I also played some past missions to see if I could get better than bronze that I tended to get when I was playing the main story in the past. Some of it was successful and some I still received bronze. I ended up driving on both the west and east coasts from various cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington D.C.

Now the entire broadcast is around an hour long as I mentioned it probably would be in my email newsletter. There is an option, which I’m learning about now, where I can just replay the main highlights I want from my broadcast. As I mentioned though I am learning about it and will eventually post the highlights instead of the entire broadcast as I’m sure not everyone wants to sit through an entire hour of it.

To get exclusive access to broadcast channel to view my gameplay live of open world games, sign up for my newsletter to get access as well as information and other updates of exciting open world games what will be coming to the PS4. I will always let you know days and times of when I will do live streaming of the different open world games I tend to play these days. I hope you enjoy it!

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