My Return to Grand Theft Auto 3

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It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything here and for that I do apologize. A lot has happened in the last few years that has shifted my focus and attention away from here, but I’m back now and I’m going to share with you what open world game that I’m playing the most right now on the PS4 and this may come as a shock to some of you.

I know that there is a newer generation of systems out which are the PS5 and XBox Series X and S and I only have one of those right now (it’s not the PS5 at this time), but I’m not here to talk about that because believe it or not I’ve been playing on my PS4 much more than the new system that I have. As you can probably see from the title, the game I’m talking about is none other than Grand Theft Auto 3 and I’ll talk about why I’m playing that game a lot more than any of the current games that are out.

Why I’m Playing Grand Theft Auto 3

I will never forget the excitement of buying a PS2 back in 2001 for the sole purpose of playing the much hyped game of Grand Theft Auto 3 back then and it definitely didn’t disappoint me. I loved the fact that there was no longer a top down view like there was in the previous Grand Theft Auto games and it was so cool to explore the various parts of a living, breathing, 3D view of Liberty City.

Rockstar made the NPCs say hilarious things and even though there were just multiple copies of them, it gave a sense of life to the city that you played in. Of course what made the game really fun for me back then were the different kind of cheat codes that Rockstar made available in the game where you can give yourself weapons, armor, health, and more but the best kind of codes, in my opinion, were the ones where it gave the pedestrians different behaviors.

Out of all of them, I thought it was quite interesting that the game developer put in a riot code that caused all the NPCs (non-playable characters) to fight each other, but it can be taken to a whole nother level when you put in a code to give those NPCs weapons. I was shocked at the pure chaos that ensued when that happend and how hard it was to actually survive in riot mode and I remember my friends and I would take turns seeing how long we could survive in riot mode before we were inevitably killed from the chaos which stemmed from some of the NPCs inability to use some of the weapons properly such as rocket launchers.

What I mean by that is that they were trying to aim the rocket launcher at another person, but would have it pointed toward the ground and then fire, blowing themselves up and anyone else that would be nearby. They also seem to not be able to throw grenades very far which also cause them to blow themselves up. This would always cause so much laughter because of the craziness that would happen because of these faults.

Blowing Up

I played GTA 3 on the PS2 for a long time, but of course Rockstar released newer GTA games such as Vice City and San Andreas and each of them had similar codes, and with the slight exception of San Andreas, they didn’t seem to cause the hilarious chaos that it was like in Grand Theft Auto 3. I moved on to newer systems and bigger games and while I certainly had my fun with the systems and other games, I definitely did miss the fun times I had with GTA 3…..that is until fairly recently within the last 2 years.

Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PS4

For a long time, I didn’r realize that I could download and play GTA 3 on the PS4 and this is before Rockstar released the older GTA games in a pack, aka GTA 3 – San Andreas. Needless to say once I found out I could pay for and download GTA 3 from the PlayStation store, I became extremely excited!. Sure, it doesn’t have the graphics of today’s systems, but I can still have loads of fun with older games and GTA 3 was no different.

After I downloaded it and installed it on the system, I was ready to play this fun game once again, but it had been so long since I played it, I’d forgotten some of the mechanics of the game as well as the missions I needed to complete in order to unlock the entire game map. I also had to find the cheat codes so I could use them especially the one that gives everyone weapons and the riot code.

Once I was able to do all that, I was set. It did take me awhile to get to the middle island of Liberty City, which is where I wanted to be anyway because there’s an area of it where it gets really crazy and that’s without inputting the riot code. The reasoning for that is because a group of people known as the Colombians are not too happy with what I’ve done to them in some of the previous missions and so if they ever see me, they’ll immediately come after me and start shooting to kill me. Needless to say I’m armed and have weapons to defend myself, but it can be quite annoying when a bunch of them come upon you at once.

Well, thanks to the code that gives pedestrians weapons, this does help even things out a bit. Once I put in the code, almost all pedestrians will have weapons and will start walking around with them as if everything is normal, but there is a twist. If one of them suddenly fires off a gun in the vicinity of the other pedestrians, they will immediately turn and fire their own weapons at that person as if they’re angry that another pedestrian shattered the peace.

So now let’s just take that into the area where the Colombians are at (on the middle island by a building under construction) and I don’t always have to worry about defending myself because as soon as one of the Colombians spots me and suddenly opens fire at me, the other pedestrians around him will turn and fire everything they have at him, usually killing the Columbian and themselves in the process especially if they use a rocket launcher or grenades.

It makes me laugh so much at this because I don’t have to use the riot code to cause chaos. Sometimes the pedestrians will turn and shoot at each other and the weird thing is, other than the shotgun, they tend to miss hitting each other if it’s some other gun they’re shooting at each other. You definitely want to be careful with the pedestrians with Molotov cocktails because they will throw them like crazy sometimes causing a massive fire quickly (they’ll die out after a time).

Getting shot

The crazy thing here is that pedestrians can throw the Molotov cocktails with usually no problem, however, when it comes to grenades, most of them seem to have a problem throwing them far enough away to where it doesn’t kill them so you usually want to try and stay away from them if you see they have grenades instead of guns. I like to taunt them, by pointing a weapon at them and then they’ll get mad and suddenly trying to throw a couple of them.

You also want to be aware of the ones with rocket launchers as well, like what I mentioned earlier. They can’t seem to aim them properly and so they’ll have it pointed at the ground and then fire and of course they’ll end up killing themselves and everyone else around them. This can sometimes be a blessing in disguise especially if they’re a lot of Colombians around me and they end up getting blown up because an NPC can’t fire a rocket launcher properly! Let’s take a closer look at a recent gameplay session of mine that showcases most of what I’ve talked about.

Me vs Pedestrians

At the beginning of this video, I immediately start outside of what you can call a safe house with a large garage. It is here that I put in a couple of codes via my game controller, but if you’re watching the video, it looks like my character is just walking in circles. There’s sort of a ding that you here when the codes are put in correctly. I put in a code to give me armor as well as giving the pedestrians weapons.

Throughout the video, you’ll see my character circle a lot because I’m putting in codes pretty quickly which includes the armor code, health code, and code to get rid of stars to stop the cops from coming after me. You’ll see why I put in those codes quite often.

As I walk up and out of the safe house area, you’ll notice some pedestrians walking casually on the sidewalk, all of them carrying shotguns. This is where I decide to have some fun. I immediately get a gun and point at one of them. Of course, he didn’t like that and so he immediately fired his shotgun at me causing me to fly backwards and land on my back. One of the other people immediately fires his shotgun at the guy who shot me and kills him. This then prompts yet another guy to shoot his shotgun and kill him. There are at least two others left with shotguns and as they are walking away, another pedestrian shoots his shotgun and kills them both. There are a few more shotgun blasts as a few more pedestrians kill each other.

The one guy that’s left with a shotgun, is the person I decided to put my Uzi at and needless to say he shoots me. Right after he did that, another pedestrian throws a Molotov cocktail and sets the immediate area on fire which includes myself and the guy with a shotgun. Needless to say the old man with the shotgun dies. I on the other hand, immediately put in the code to restore my armor. Now notice how crazy it got just in the span of about 30 seconds. Don’t worry though, I’m about to take things to another level when I move towards the area where the Colombians are.

Moving into Columbian Held Territory

After a few more rounds of taunting the pedestrians and causing a little bit more chaos, I decided to move into Columbian held territory which is not very far from the safe house. I make my way to the area where you can see there’s some large green fences on one side that surround a pretty large construction site of what looks like a new skyscraper. Apparently, the Colombians have a hand in the construction of it, hence why they are in that area.

Needless to say that once I arrive, some of them already spot me and begin firing their weapons at me. Of course, now that all the pedestrians have weapons, they don’t take too kindly to the Colombians suddenly breaking the peace and so a lot of them fire all kinds of weapons at the Colombians which range from shotguns, AK 47s, M-16s, and other weapons such as rocket launchers, grenades, and Molotov cocktails.

Colombian Truck in GTA3

It gets intense and I get knocked down and set on fire a few times, but I end up surviving. One thing you’ll notice in the video at this point is that I’ll suddenly open the door of a passing taxi cab and throw the driver out. The driver of the cab will, a lot of times, be armed with a random weapon and sometimes they’ll trying to use it against me. If there is no one else firing weapons and the cab driver fires something at me, the pedestrians will attack him.

Now I will say this, if I suddenly fire a gun and no one else has, all the pedestrians in the area will target me and trying to take me out and this can become very dangerous because some of the pedestrians will have M-16s and it fires A LOT of rounds in such a very short time and so if one is pointed at me and is fired, I’m probably dead within a second or two. This is why I have to be very careful because the pedestrians can easily target me. The rest of the video consists of me going around causing much mayhem between the Colombians and Pedestrians and you can watch the rest of it below.

This Game still gives me Enjoyment

Grand Theft Auto 3 still gives me a lot of enjoyment and these days it currently is my go to game. I usually play it in short bursts but still have a lot of fun playing it in that amount of time. There’s no need for me to put in the riot code to see all kinds of funny chaos in the game.

You can bet though that once in awhile I do put in the riot code just to see how long I can survive in the insane chaos since everyone is shooting weapons at each other constantly and so many explosions are happening from the grenades and rocket launchers that the pedestrians use.

I’ll post a video soon of my adventures in riot mode as it will definitely be a blast. In the meantime, check out the video below and get some laughter from the 8 minutes of craziness that I go through in GTA 3. Does any here still play GTA 3 and if so, do you do the same kind of things that I do in the game? Feel free to post comments below.


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