Video Game Black Friday Deals!

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It’s that time of year again when great deals are upon us! I’m talking about Black Friday and trust me, there will be many video game Black Friday deals that you’ll want to take advantage of especially at Amazon!

If you’ve been on the fence of getting some of the great games that have been released earlier this year or just waiting patiently to get a good deal and save money, your time has officially arrived. There have been some great open world games released this year on the PS4 that you’ll want to play if you haven’t gotten them already. Well without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the games to watch that’ll most likely have some great Black Friday promotions.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This has been one of the most anticipated games of the last couple of years and it was finally released at the end of October. It has gotten stellar reviews and is one of the best open world games yet to be released. I myself have just gotten quite immersed in it and have a long way to go before I finish the game.

There’s just absolutely so much to do and see and crazy situations to get in that it just makes it impossible to stop playing. Keep in mind this is just the single player portion of the game. The online portion still has yet to be released, but the game developer has said that it is coming so be on the lookout.


The Crew 2

I played the first game in the series quite a bit and I loved. While it didn’t get high marks as the definitive racing game out there, it had one of the largest open worlds ever created as the game developers created a condensed version of the United States that goes from coast to coast.

Well now they’ve upped the ante with a sequel that not only has you driving cars on land, but you’ll also be able to utilize boats and planes as well in different races. The map is still in the United States, but it has been modified a bit to allow for the new craft to be used. It’s nice that you can fully utilize the rivers and lakes in the game. I also like the fact that you can fly in the game now too.

There’s already been some great deals since its release back in the summer and you better believe that there will be Black Friday specials targeted to this worthy sequel.



Something that’s really special about the new Spiderman game that was released not too long ago is that is a PS4 exclusive and you can’t get it anywhere else. This game has been highly reviewed and is probably the best Spiderman game to have been released.

The large open world of New York City is absolutely gorgeous and just slinging your way through the city is just an exhilarating experience. There have been some great sales of the game since it has been out, but you better believe there will be even more great deals on this game for Black Friday!


God Of War

The God Of War series has always been a PlayStation exclusive and one of the most well known series out there. The latest game in the God of War series opens a new chapter for the main character where he has a son to contend with and takes place long after the Gods of Olympus are gone.

This is not a full open world game, but there are some small areas you can explore and the battles you have with the monsters and bosses of the game can be downright incredible.

God Of War will definitely have some Black Friday deals to take advantage so whether you’re shopping online or out in the physical stores, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of them if you can.


Take Advantage of These Deals

These are just some of the games that will have great specials and there will certainly be plenty of others with sales too. Be on the lookout for deals on the PS4 and PS4 Pro as you’ll see them at lower prices in some instances and they may also be bundled with other games or accessories.

Now that you know some of the great video game Black Friday deals, go and take advantage of them! Cyber Monday is on the way also so there will be yet another chance to get some of these games at great prices as well. Happy Black Friday shopping!





12 thoughts on “Video Game Black Friday Deals!

  1. Hey Brian! How are you doing lad? I’ve read the blog but I couldn’t find the game I was looking for. Do you have GTA which can be downloaded for windows 10? I’ve been looking for this game for a long time now but all I find is scam everywhere. I wish you can help me regarding this matter. Thanks a lot. 



    1. Which specific GTA game are you looking for? I generally deal with games on the PS4 as I’ve got lots of experience with GTA V on that platform. My suggestion to you is to check out STEAM as they have multiple versions of games for you try out from home consoles to the PC. 

  2. I really enjoyed your video game deals site.  My children are video game enthusiasts.  I always find it amazing how kids (and adults) of today can play these games with others throughout the world.  We certainly had no such communication opportunities when I was a child – and certainly not through a gaming system!

    I also notice you have offer PlayStation console on your site – certainly one of the most popular units on the market today.  

    This is the weekend to get computer games and gaming units.  You offer quick access through Amazon to get great deals with Amazon taking care of the sales details.  Amazon has a great reputation for filling orders and getting your order to your doorstep quickly.

    If you are into gaming – now is the time to buy!

    1. Amazon has been a great place to purchase games and you buy them digitally or get the physical copies (discs). Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just great ways to save on video games. 

  3. Hi Brian, this is a very interesting update of the latest PS4 games, there have been many out there anticipating the release of these and great you could point us in the right direction for the best deals. I heard that Red Redemption 2 has had some major improvements to the first version and that the graphics are amazing. Do you know if this is correct information? Thanks Cass

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 has amazing graphics and the game play is quite fun. Now is a great time to take advantage of the low prices if you haven’t picked up a copy yet or would like to get one as a gift.

  4. It is upon us. This is the best time I like to purchase my games because most of the prices of the games out there would be slashed. I am really looking forward to see how far the prices of some of the games this year would drop. Really amazing times we leave in.

    1. Yes, Black Friday is just a great time of year to get video games because of the low prices. It’s crazy how low some of them will go which is why now is a great time to buy them!

  5. These make great presents.  Come birthdays and Christmas, I’m scouring the reviews of digital products to give to my nephews.  Half the time, I cannot tell what’s good or ‘hot’ by current trends.  So I rely heavily on review sites like yours to guide me.

    I’m already planning on getting Red Dead Redemption 2.  In fact, I think it was your game experience with Red Dead Redemption that put me onto it.  You pulled me in with your review!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 is just simply amazing and just like you said, the other games can be great Christmas gifts as well. You should definitely pick up RDR2.

  6. Dear Brian,

    Black Friday is really a special occasion to buy our favorite products. To be honest with you in order buy one of my favorite product I waited for nearly ten months for the black Friday deal Lol. Its because of my tight budget.

    Spiderman is my favorite and its great to know about the new one and I will give it a try.

    One of my friends is very interested in video games and from him only I learned a lot of things about video games. I am going to share your post with him and for sure he will get great insights and it will be very helpful to him.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. The Spiderman game is definitely a great game to play and I’m sure your friend will benefit very much for this special sale if he’s able to take advantage of the prices. 

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