Witcher 3 Release Date for PS4 is upon us!

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Awesome Witcher 3 image from Gamespot.com
Awesome Witcher 3 image from Gamespot.com

The Witcher 3 release is upon us as the game is slated to be released in stores tomorrow, the 19th. This is the next major open world game release for this generation of game systems and you better believe I’m looking forward to playing this game.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is an RPG game and those types of games tend to last at least 100 hours or more. This game has a HUGE open world that is said to be at least 20% bigger than Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game map will have no shortage of things to do and creatures to fight as well as seemingly random events as well.

There have been 2 major reviews of the game released last week and they were both very positive. Check out the IGN and Gamespot reviews as they are very informative and generally tell you what to expect in the game. They both also tell a little bit about the 3 different versions of the game which are the PS4, Xbox One and the PC. The PC is the best one graphically while the PS4 version would be next and Xbox One just slightly behind the PS4. They go on to say there are some little graphical hiccups on the console versions, but it is nothing that takes away from the gameplay.

I for one look forward to this game as it will keep me plenty busy until the next major open world game releases which will be Batman: Arkham Knight. I am a big fan of the Elder Scroll series and so I’m sure that after the very favorable reviews from these popular game sites, I will no doubt like this game as well even though I have not played the past games of the series. I love exploring open worlds and like finding creatures, exploring dungeons and finding the many side quests to do in the game. I will be doing live broadcasts of my gameplay of Witcher 3 once I get this game tomorrow or Thursday so be sure to sign up to me email newsletter to get exclusive access to my broadcast channel as it will be worth it to see how I fair in my first outing of this game. I will also post a review once I’ve had at least a week to play this game.

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