New Just Cause 3 Official Trailer!

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The developers have released a brand new trailer of the game Just Cause 3. The good news is that it isn’t just a teaser like the last one was. This trailer is finally showing off the insane amount of gameplay that you will get to do in the game. I must say this trailer looks really good! Popular game sites, IGN and GameSpot have showed this trailer and they seem to be quite impressed with it. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of GameSpot!

All I can say is, WOW! Open world game fanatics such as myself cannot wait for this game! The amount of crazy stuff you can do in this game is just unbelievable! I for one think the graphics look great! I know some have expressed their displeasure at the graphics from IGN and GameSpot, but they look perfectly fine to me. You’ll never please everyone with graphics, but I think that with the sheer amount of things you’ll be doing in this game and the scope of the open world you’ll get to do these wonderful death defying stunts in, the graphics are just fine.

So what does everyone think of the first official gameplay trailer of Just Cause 3? Does it wow you with the sheer amount of craziness that you’ll be able to do? The character of Rico Rodriguez seems like he will have his hands full with the dictator running this Mediterranean like country, but it looks so good. I personally like the part in the trailer where Rico lands on the jet, is able to open the cockpit and then throwing the guy out of it is really cool to see. It’s kind of like Grand Theft Auto except you’re in the air. I also like the glide suit he has so he can glide or fly through the air or descend rapidly to a specific target.

There is still a wait for this game as it is slated to come out around the holidays. I’m sure we’ll see some more screenshots and videos of this awesome game before then. In the meantime, there are 2 big open world games whose release is almost upon us especially a big one in May that should keep us busy until Just Cause 3 is released.

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