Witcher 3 New Content

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Witcher 3’s new content is upon us which is better known as Hearts of Stone. This is the first large expansion for Witcher 3 and the reviews for it have been stellar. It shows the main character in a whole new light and a brand new quest with new enemies and beasts to fight.

IGN has a review of it up at their website which is well worth the read and should convince you to get this new downloadable content for the game. As for me, I will definitely download it, but I will not play it yet until I actually finish the main storyline of the game (and as many side quests as possible).

Plus I’m pretty sure it is a good idea to level up Geralt so that I’ll be in good shape and have enough weaponry to take on the new challenges that this new content presents. From what has been shown, there is a pretty powerful adversary Geralt will be facing whom appears to be immortal. Now that the game has had a large patch released to fix some big issues and bugs that were present on the console versions, Hearts of Stone should provide a great experience.

It looks like most of Hearts of Stone will take place in a specific area of the map which is Novigrad and the northeastern section of that area will have new populated towns according to the IGN review. There is also supposed to be new weapons, spells, and more that will make your experience in Hearts of Stone even more interesting and fun too.

Well I’ve done enough talking here, but you should definitely read the review over at IGN and play the new expansion for Witcher 3 especially if you’ve already done the main quests and side quests in the game. The expansion adds 15-20 hours of gameplay so it should definitely keep you busy for awhile as we await the next major expansion to Witcher 3.

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