The Crew Downloadable Content First Impressions

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Not too long ago I posted about the first major expansion of The Crew called Wild Run. I talked about some new things that will be included such as new vehicles, challenges, and more. One of the biggest changes concerning vehicles is the addition of motorcycles which looks very promising.

Gamespot recently got to try The Crew’s downloadable content and have some first impressions of it. Check it out, as what they talk about and how it adds to The Crew makes them want to play the game again. Elements of the Wild Run do have a similar look to Forza Horizon, except The Crew’s version is much crazier and I think more fun.

It has been a long time since I have played The Crew, mainly because I don’t have much time to play my games lately and when I do it is usually Grand Theft Auto V. I still love the massive open world of The Crew though and with this latest expansion which is slated to come out on November 17th, I will definitely get back into the game.

It is said that weather effects will be added in the expansion and I’m very curious to see how that is going to work in The Crew. Previously, the only weather you would see in the original game is up in the mountains where there is snow pretty much all over the ground although there really isn’t any falling to the ground to add to the amount that’s already there. Also the game in certain parts would cloud up with the looks of rain coming in, but then it drifts by with not a drop of rain falling.

I think with the combination of new vehicles, mainly with the motorcycles, addition of weather effects and new challenges (looks to be crazy with monster trucks!), the game will be fun to get back into and it should be fun to try with a crew that you may be a part of from the original game. Definitely check back for further updates as we get closer to the release of the Wild Run expansion!

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