GTA El Burro Heights – Survival Pt. 1

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If you have read some of my past posts of GTA V, you might have read that one of my favorite online activities in the game is doing the survival challenges. They were certainly difficult at first especially since my character was not very highly ranked and some of the places that the survival challenges take place make it difficult to get through the whole challenge.

Well now that my character’s rank has improved vastly (I’m now at 124) and I have access to pretty much all the weapons online, my completion of the challenges has gotten much easier and well worth the effort as you get $30,000 for successfully completing each challenge.

I’ve decided to showcase the survival challenges I routinely play and most of the time successfully complete all 10 waves of the challenge. There are two challenges that I play more than any other which are in El Burro Heights and Sandy Shores. Of the two, El Burro Heights is my most favorite and I’ll explain why.

First off, you might be wondering where El Burro Heights is especially if you are fairly new to GTA V.  If you look on a map of the game, you will see that it is in the southeastern part of Los Santos. You’ll be able to see it in the image below.

If you see the yellow dot/circle near the lower right hand part of the map, that is where El Burro Heights is located.
If you see the yellow dot/circle near the lower right hand part of the map, that is where El Burro Heights is located.

If you look closely just below and slightly to the right of that yellow dot, you’ll see what looks like a shield with a cross on it. That is the exact location of the Survival challenge in El Burro Heights. It takes place in a run down industrial location and there are some good hiding spots in there to protect yourself and take out the incoming waves of enemies.The enemies that I’ll be fighting (and you if you decide to do this challenge) are agents of the private security firm, Merryweather. The first few waves are not too bad since they use the less powerful guns and weapons, but from wave 4 on, they get more powerful guns. By the time you get to waves 9 and 10, they have powerful assault rifles as well as miniguns. This is where it comes in handy to find good locations for cover to avoid the powerful and deadly bullets of these weapons.

I recently uploaded a video showing me in action in the survival challenge at El Burro Heights. The video is a bit long (a little over 30 minutes), but you get to see the locations of where I go for cover and take minimal damage. In the video, I end up doing the challenge twice.

You can have up to 3 other players with you in the survival challenges and initially I had two others that appeared to join me, however when the challenge started, I was by myself. I was doing quite well up until wave 5 when I made a stupid and silly mistake that resulted in my death and failure of the challenge (though I still ended up with a little bit of money). I won’t tell you what it is, you’ll just have to watch the video and see.

On my second go round of the challenge, I try to get other players to help out, but only one other makes it in with me this time. From the get go you can see this other player is up to the challenge as he lays waste to the Merryweather agents in the first few waves. I of course help out as much as I can laying waste to quite a few of the agents in the later waves. I am definitely determined not to make the same silly mistake that I did in the challenge before.

In this survival challenge, you’ll see me use a few different weapons such as the standard assault rifle, grenade launcher, the very powerful and deadly Combat MG, and the minigun which is very useful for taking out the helicopters. I mention the minigun as well from my post of multiplayer weapons that I frequently use in GTA V.

You’ll be able to see from this video that the weapon I tend to use for a majority of the waves is the standard assault rifle. It gets the job done even at long distances and has a great kill rate. Later on though I will switch weapons as it does get a little tougher to kill the Merryweather agents especially since a lot more of them appear in the later waves.

You’ll see me go to two particular spots in the challenge that has always worked very well for me. There are other places in the area you can go to as well, but these have always worked best for me. If you have other places in this challenge that aren’t where I take cover at, please don’t hesitate to say so in the replies. I might try it out for myself.

Part 2 Coming Soon

In part 2 of my survival challenges, we will take a look at my second favorite one, Sandy Shores. I will show where this is located at on the map for GTA V, my particular cover spots that I use in this particular challenge, some tactics that I use to take out enemies in Sandy Shores, and of course a video that will show all these things. Hopefully I will have other players joining me to help get through the waves faster, but if not, I will definitely show you how I can get through the challenge by myself.

In the meantime, here is the video of me going through GTA’s El Burro Heights Survival challenge, hope you like it and don’t mind me occasionally talking on the video. As I mentioned earlier, it is a bit long, but you can skip forward throughout the video if you want to especially if you want to see more of the action. Anyways, without further ado, my survival challenge video of El Burro!

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