Watch Dogs 2 To Release Tomorrow

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It is that time for another highly anticipated open world game to release. Watch Dogs 2 will be out in stores tomorrow and many people are very excited about this game. It is the follow up to the original Watch Dogs that was released back in November of 2014.

A lot of people and game sites that have been able to try the game out have praised the game as having fixed a lot of the issues that seemed to plague the first one.

Hacking back in the first game seemed more tedious then essential and the open world it was in, which was Chicago seemed to be kind of bland.

In Watch Dogs 2, the setting is San Francisco and some of the surrounding area such as Silicon Valley and Oakland. From what I can gather of a lot of the previews, the city looks spot on especially when it comes to the San Francisco skyline.

There is a brand new character that seems to be more lively and has a better backstory than Adrian Pierce from the first Watch Dogs. The hacking also appears to have more of a purpose and you have a lot more access to perform hacks this time around compared to the first one.

Some of the previews have shown different aspects of the hacking. You’ll be able to access and control drones and RC cars. They can be used to access tight spaces and get you into places undetected.

When I saw some of the gameplay videos, it showed a drone being controlled by the main character and flying up to the roof of a building. It appeared to be an area that the main character needed to go, but it seems there were numerous guards or people keeping a lookout.

The drone flew around and found an area that could be hacked so that it could create a diversion. Once the drone was successful in drawing away the guards, it allowed the person to sneak up onto the roof and head towards a door that can be hacked and opened with the game’s cell phone.

What has me really interested in the scope of the open world and the amount of activities that you can do in it. There will be all kinds of races, hacking mini games, multiplayer will play a big part and even more.

Watch Dogs 2 will be available at many retailers, but the best places to get them would be Best Buy and GameStop since you can have gamer memberships at both of them and get discounts on brand new games.

I’m still playing Mafia III and readying up a review for that game, but you better believe I will also be giving Watch Dogs 2 some to play and give my first impressions on it.

I plan on buying this game at Best Buy since I’ve got a Gamer’s Club membership where I get 20% of purchases of new games plus I have a $10 reward certificate that I can use in conjunction with the 20% off. It should come out to around $45 or so.

Check back soon as I will have first impressions of Watch Dogs 2 along with screenshots and a gameplay video so you can see what it’s like if you haven’t decided on purchasing the game yet.


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