The Next GTA 5 Update

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Update: The Smugglers Run update is actually coming out on Tuesday, August the 29th so the wait is not long at all.

Good news for anyone that plays GTA 5 especially the multiplayer part of it! The next GTA 5 update will be coming soon and it will be a big one!

IGN has revealed that the next big update coming to the game will be called Smugglers Run. It’s basically a shout out to this old gaming series that was also done by Rockstar, back around the 1999/2000 time frame.

This update though has to do with planes rather than ground vehicles and the article at IGN reveals that there will be 9 new planes added to the game in this update.

The article has some screenshots of the demo and the planes that have been revealed and there is a video of this new update in action. The planes themselves look like a mix of aircraft ranging from World War I and World War II planes, to some more modern planes and maybe even another jet added into the mix.

The article mentions that there will be special hangers that you can purchase and store these aircraft in. The hangars have to do with a special smuggling ring. This will be perfect for me as I actually own 2 aircraft which are both jets. One is a jet which is basically used for training and the other one is of course a Hydra (fighter jet).

This new update will be another means to start a new business in the multiplayer mode and earn some more money. It’s just amazing there sheer amount of content that is already out for the game and the continued updates that just keep coming and make GTA 5 the most popular multiplayer game today.

I’m still busy with the last major update to the game which is the gun runner update. My business is just starting to take off with research increasing as well as my stock increasing more and more in value so that I can make a very large profit when I sell them.

I think with the Smugglers Run update, the planes could possibly help greatly with my gun running business as well as the new business opportunities that will be provided when it is released.

I certainly need to earn more money because these hangars are definitely going to cost a lot of money especially since we’ll be able to customize them the way we want them. It’ll be very similar to how you can customize the bunkers from the gun running update. Trust me, that ended up costing me lots of money and I nearly spent all of it.

As I said earlier, there is no official release date yet for the Smuggler’s Run update so you’ll definitely want to check back for further news on when it could possibly drop. 

Now that you know what the next GTA 5 update is all about, you can definitely prepare yourself for it by doing missions and what not to earn money so you’ll be able to buy planes as well as hangars to store them in. Of course you can always purchase Shark cards to get money fast if you don’t feel like taking the time to earn money from the various activities in the game. Feel free to post comments and check out the video below!

2 thoughts on “The Next GTA 5 Update

  1. I have not gotten a chance to play GTA Online as of late but this new update looks awesome. I am now excited to jump back in and see how these new planes perform.

    I am also curious to see what the new hangars will look like as I never owned one for aircraft vehicles.

    My question is, what is currently your favorite aircraft vehicle? Also, which plane in the next update are your most excited for?

    1. Other then the hangars at the airport, I don’t you can own a hangar. If you want to use aircraft that you’ve purchased, you have to call a company (on the in game phone) and have it delivered hopefully to a location near you that’s suitable for aircraft. 

      Right now, my favorite aircraft is the Hydra fighter jet, but not sure what plane I’m most excited for on this upcoming update as I want to see more previews of the new planes. 

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