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More and more exciting stuff keeps coming out of Gamerscom this week. It was mentioned not to long ago that there is now an official release date as well as pre-order bonuses for The Crew 2.

Well now there is a brand new article at the gaming and entertainment site, IGN, that talks more about The Crew 2. They were able to try out a short hands on demo of the game and came away with some good impressions about it.

The article is titled “5 Reasons The Crew 2 Could Be Paradise for Racing Fans“. It basically talks about how every vehicle can transform into something else by what is called the “Fast Fav” system. There have already been some videos show casing it and I love the idea that you can switch from a car to a boat if lets say your car goes off a bridge and is rapidly descending towards water.

Of course you could also decide to switch over to a plane and fly up into the sky and go in whatever direction your heart desires.

It is mentioned in the article that while the game map is in a toned down version of the US, just like the first game, the map is actually bigger than what it was before and recreated to better suit all the different kinds of vehicles and off roading that you can do.

It’s also being said that the racing variety in the coming sequel is just unparalleled with the major variety of racing that you’ll be able to do. Here’s part of that article:

“Not to take anything away from Playground Games’ open-world racing opus Forza Horizon 3, but The Crew 2 at least seems to edge its Xbox exclusive rival when it comes to the sheer variety of its racing disciplines. The Crew 2 features street racing, open-wheel grand prix circuit events, mud-soaked motocross, and more besides, and that’s before you get to the aerial and water-based events and challenges. If anything, The Crew 2 feels more like it’s gunning for a piece of GTA Online’s pie as far as event variety goes, with its main point of difference being its fully licensed vehicle roster and more formidable map size.

And thanks to a more flexible approach to its progression system, you only need to focus on the disciplines you enjoy rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. If Red Bull Air Race-style flight challenges is all you care about, then that’s all you need do as the game will apparently still supply you with enough content to keep you up in the air.”

That just has me very excited and glad that I’m invested with The Crew series. To say that it even goes beyond Xbox’s open world Forza Horizon 3 racing game when it comes to sheer variety, that shows how ambitious that the developers are in making this a spectacular racer and open world game.

You’ll definitely want to read the entire article of The Crew 2 demo that they got to try at IGN. If you haven’t played the first game yet, you should definitely do so now to get you ready for the sequel. The Ultimate Edition of the game is going for just under $30 at Amazon if you’re a Prime Member. The Crew 2 is due out on March 16th of 2018 and there will be betas of the game coming soon so check back soon and go to the official website to register for the beta if you want to participate in one.

3 thoughts on “The Crew 2 Demo

  1. Increditble!. I see that since I have actually played anything like this, which has been well over 10 years ago, the graphics design, and gameplay do not compare. I used to read the gaming magazines, before there were all of these sites. Thanks for that quote and review. Would love to get into racing again because of this.

    1. The Crew 2 is simply going to be amazing and I just recently read another article about the game where the developers encourage you to play with other groups of people in the game as you explore the recently redone and larger map than what was in the first one. It was also hinted that there are possibly more major cities in the game than what was in the first one so that has me really excited!

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