Far Cry 5 Walkthrough

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Folks, there has been lots of major video game news the last few days that shows no signs of slowing down. There has been new info on upcoming open world games such as Need For Speed Payback and The Crew 2 as well as pre-orders opening up for new game systems such as the Xbox One X and SNES Classic Edition (were you lucky enough to get a pre-order?).

Well now there is some new information regarding another upcoming open world game and that is Far Cry 5. The video game conference known as Gamerscom 2017 has been the source of all this new info and some of the developers have released a video of a Far Cry 5 walkthrough of what to expect in the game.

I have to say it looks really impressive and it shows you the scope of the exploration the developers greatly encourage in the game. Now that there is no longer going to be a mini-map in the game, you’re definitely encouraged to explore and see what is out there.

As the video plays along, you’ll be hearing the developers telling you what to expect and how best to use the environment that you’re in.

I really like the fact that you have a dog as a companion who is really useful as you take on members of the cult you’ll be facing in the game. You’ll also be able to utilize the many tools, vehicles, weapons and whatever else you stumble upon, to help you in your fight with this group.

The environment looks really good and the developers have said that the section they are currently in on the video is just a small section of the very large map. Hope County is quite large and you’ll have no problems finding and exploring different areas.

I also like that they have all kinds of different wildlife in the game that are indicative of what you’ll actually see in Montana. You’ll be able to hunt, fish, and more just like you can if you’re actually there. The dog that accompanies you will also face off against the wildlife whether it be a wolf or a bear so you’re never truly alone.

During the course of the video, it shows them coming upon a plane and flying it over the countryside and blowing things up that are required to advance the story. The cult is not very happy and so has a plane of their own to try and take you out with.

What follows is a very cool dog fight, but the developers have the upper hand and are able to take out that plane with the machine guns from the airplane they are flying.

I like the different use of weapons they have in the game which range from pistols, to automatic weapons, and even explosives such as dynamite. The explosions look really cool and they definitely do some major damage. Check out the video below to see what I have described and more and check back for any new updates of Far Cry 5.  

2 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 Walkthrough

  1. I have just finished reading your walk through on Far Cry 5, it seems to be a very cool game.
    You mentioned the X Box 1, but I have an older X Box 360, do you think the game would work well with that system?
    I am going to bookmark your site so I can watch for other game reviews from you.


    1. Hi there Brendon. Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 is only coming out for the current gaming systems. Support for the Xbox 360 or PS3 has pretty much stopped as far as the newer games are concerned. If you would like to upgrade to one of the current systems, definitely check out Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop. They have some really good deals and with a brand new Xbox system on the way this holiday season, the current Xbox One system should be dropping in price.

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