Team Play in The Doomsday Heist

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I’m back with my continued experience in the Doomsday Heist. Last time I talked about one of the last prep missions that I was able to do myself. It involved infiltrating Fort Zancudo and getting flight coordinates of an Akula class attack helicopter. It was a challenge especially when I had to get out of the base, but I was able to complete it without getting killed once.

Now that the final prep mission is complete, it is time for me to move onto the setup missions which now require me to have other players involved with this. What’s really funny about this is that I thought I had to already have crew members present with me before getting the missions started which is not actually the case.

All I had to do is that after the main computer screen boots up, I just click over to the setup mission from the prep mission and start it when I’m ready. I’m automatically put in a lobby where I can auto-invite players for this mission and it doesn’t take too long before all slots were filled. I should say nearly filled though because a player left just a split-second before I clicked to start the mission. That only now left myself and 3 other players to complete the mission which actually turned out to be fine. Well without further ado, here is my first experience with team play in the Doomsday Heist.

Dead Courier

Dead Courier is the name of the setup mission and also where I get to use some of the things that were acquired during the prep missions. The ambulance will be used here as part of the mission. There are 2 teams that will be dedicated to a specific task.

Team 1 will be dressed as paramedics and take the ambulance to the coroner’s office while the to retrieve data from a dead agent and then Team 2 will have to go to the location of the agent’s attack helicopter and take that back to where the coroner’s office is so that Team 1 can escape.

I’m on Team 1 with another player and a third player is actually by himself for Team 2. As soon as we leave my bunker, the third player gets in a vehicle and drives off to his ultimate destination. The other player and I get in the ambulance and drive a little over 3 miles to the coroner’s office.

Searching the Body

When we get there, Lester informs us that it is very important that act professional and not blow our cover as we search for the body that contains the data stick that is needed. Both of us end up making it to the area we need to go to and begin searching the bodies in the room. Unfortunately, none of them contain the data stick that we need and Lester says that it is quite possible that the data/USB drive has been discovered and brought up to the main lab to be analyzed.

We have to go upstairs into the main coroner’s office in order to get that data, but unfortunately Lester informs us that it is restricted and there are heavily armed guards up there. Time for a gun battle!

Fighting Our Way Out of This!

When the other player and I reach the top floor, we immediately get our guns out and start shooting at the guard in front the door. As soon as we go through the door, alarms sound and more guards are coming our way. Unfortunately, I’m taking some hits from the guards, but I still manage to take a few of them out and the other player is doing the same.

We get to the room or office where the data is and I have to wait for my team member to load the data onto a memory stick. Once that is done we have to start fighting our way back down the stairs. Something that I notice though is that the building starts to shake as I hear really loud explosions. It kind of scares the crap out of me and it makes me think that reinforcements for the guards has arrived.

As I proceed down the stairs, I aim my heavy assault rifle and fire at a guard that is waiting for me. I end up taking him down or so I thought. As I try to walk past him, he gets up and blasts me with a shotgun, killing me and causing the mission to fail.

Retrieving the Data

Thankfully, the other 2 players decide to try again, but we don’t start from the very beginning and instead pretty much start where we last left off. This time as I proceed down the stairs, I unload MASSIVE rounds of bullets into the guards as I refuse to get killed this time. We finally make our way outside the building, but unfortunately, there are more guards as well as police out there and it seems we are outnumbered and outgunned…until the 3rd player arrives with the attack helicopter and starts blasting them away with missiles and machine guns! I then realize the loud explosions that were causing the building to shake were actually from the 3rd player in the helicopter.

Flying Back To Base

The arrival of the 3rd player was just perfect timing as it looked like we weren’t going to get out of this. Once he cleared the area, he was able to land the attack helicopter and my team was able to get in and take off. The police hadn’t completely given up on us yet as we still had a wanted level.

As soon as we got up into the sky, the pilot began firing weapons like crazy and took out a number of police helicopters as well as a few cop cars on the ground. We soon got high enough to where the cops couldn’t come after us and once we got out of the city, the wanted level started drop fairly quickly until it was completely gone.

View from the helicopter

Once we arrived back at base, the mission was complete and my fellow players got paid, but I did not. I do remember reading that in the setup missions, the player who initiates the mission does not get paid any money. Those are reserved for the actual main parts of the heist.

More Team Play in the Doomsday Heist to Come

Now that I’ve gotten my first taste of team play in the Doomsday Heist, I’m ready for more and I can’t wait to try out the main Heist missions as well.

I do not have a video of my foray into team play, but there will definitely be one coming in my next go around as move on to the next setup mission. Hopefully I can have a full team of players this time although the 3 of us actually did fine. I’ve heard that they will start to get really challenging so the more there is, the better.

You’ll definitely want to check back soon for more updates with continued experiences with the Doomsday Heist. I can’t wait to start using the Deluxos in the upcoming missions. I also still need to buy the car you can take underwater as well as the aerial mobile command center. As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me.




4 thoughts on “Team Play in The Doomsday Heist

  1. This sounds like a fun time! I have not been playing GTA Online as of late, but I always found the team play missions to be fun!

    You mentioned that on your first attempt, a guard you thought you had taken out had gotten back up and killed you. I know I’d be frustrated if that happened to me!

    It is nice to hear that you and your teammates were able to resume the game where you had left off and fully complete the mission though!

    I’ll definitely have to get back into GTA Online and tryout some of these new heist missions myself! Are they coming out with more missions in the doomsday heist soon as well?

    1. Yeah, the part where the guard got back up and ended killing me certainly frustrated me as I thought my other teammates were gonna be really mad for me at that happening. Fortunately starting back where we last off was a great thing. 

      I haven’t heard of any more doomsday heist missions coming, but you’ve also got to remember, I’ve pretty much started getting into the Doomsday Heist missions so I definitely have a long ways to go. I will definitely be posting about my experiences as I get further into it so stay tuned!

  2. I haven’t played GTA V at all for so long. It kind of feels like the game just died for me, but as I saw your screenshots it seemed to drive back in. I have even forgotten that there was all this new stuff in GTA that I still haven’t tried out. As someone who hasn’t been on there for a while, what would you say I’ve missed out on?

    1. There has been so much new content released for GTA 5 (online portion only), that in some ways it feels like an entirely new game. All kinds of new adversary modes, races, criminal empires you can build, etc. You really should get back into it to experience all of the great new stuff. 

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