My Experience with The Doomsday Heist Continues

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If you’ve been on the site recently, you’ll see that I had posted my very first experience with GTA 5’s newest and one of its biggest pieces of downloadable content that they’ve released for the online mode. I talked about some of the vehicles that were available to be purchased as well as some of the things that are required in order to start the new heist missions.

I also talked about the new underground facility that I had to purchase which did cost quite a bit of money and also the setup missions that I had started, one of which proved to be a bit challenging thanks to time constraints as well as other players hell bent on ruining my mission.

Well now I want to talk about my latest experience with the Doomsday Heist, specifically, the latest setup mission that I have to complete. It did have its challenges, but thankfully I only ended up having to do this particular mission only once. I’ll also have a video at the end showing everything that I went through.

Infiltrating Fort Zancudo

In order for me to get this setup mission started, I have to go and register as a CEO just like I had to for the Gunrunning update. Once I do that at my office building, I’m off to my underground facility to start the mission. One thing that I do have to say though is that I’m glad I can do these missions on my own and other players aren’t necessarily required to complete them.

Immediately after I start the mission and get the details from Lester, I notice that my wardrobe has changed which makes sense because I certainly want to look the part once I get into Fort Zancudo. In order for me to get to the military base, I’m going to have to steal a car.

Since I’m close to a 2 lane highway, this isn’t a problem though I do wonder why I’m not provided with a vehicle, especially one of my own vehicles like I am sometimes provided with when I do the Gunrunning supply missions (in which I steal the supplies). I end up stealing a car which sadly isn’t very fast, but at least it gets me to where I need to go.

Lester works his magic and I’m able to drive through the main entrance to get inside Fort Zancudo. He does inform me however, that my cover won’t last so I will definitely have to hurry. Technically he didn’t have to do what he did since I already have low level clearance to the base, but for the purposes of this mission, it makes sense.

In the Control Tower

As soon as I’m on the base, I find the control tower I need to go into and start the somewhat long process of walking about the stairs to get to the main control room. My purpose here is to get into their computer system so that Lester can hack in and steal the coordinates or the route of an attack helicopter that will be vital for a future heist.

While I’m making my way up the stairs in the control tower, Lester informs me that I could’ve just taken the elevator. Of course that’s something you don’t want to hear especially since you’ve wasted time already going up the stairs and paying attention to the time limit as it counts down. I only had 9 minutes to get up there and get into the computer system for those coordinates.

I finally make my way to the control room and begin downloading the flight data. Not too long after it starts downloading, Lester suddenly informs me that the download has been detected and alarms start to go off. I still have to wait until the download is finished before I can do anything. It looks like a major fight is coming. Will I be able to fight my way off of this base?

Fighting My Way off of Fort Zancudo

Now that my cover is blown, it’s time to prepare for battle. As soon as the download is complete, I begin the journey back down the stairs and already start running into resistance. I’m immediately fired upon by a military base guard and take some severe hits, quickly depleting my health into the red zone.

I immediately get out my heavy-duty assault rifle and return fire taking him out and causing him to fall back down the stairs. Once he’s out of the way, I continue my descent down the stairs, but do so very cautiously. My health will only regenerate to about half and these military personnel are well armed.

I quickly run into another guard who tries to take cover inside a doorway to another room, but my assault rifle has some big bullets and I’m able to take him out and move on.

Once I finally make it to the first floor, I immediately hear more guards and prepare myself for incoming fire. One of them emerges quickly through the door way down the hall, but I fire my weapon quickly and end up killing him. I don’t know how many more might pop through that door way so I immediately take cover just in case.

After waiting a bit and determining the coast is clear for the time being, I make my way into what looks like a classroom. As soon as I take cover in there, I notice that on my radar two red circles are moving towards my location just outside the door.

Soldiers taken out

Sure enough, one pops in and I immediately take care of that one, but another comes up quickly and starts shooting at me and I kill him too. A third one arrives shortly after, but I’m sure you can guess that at this point he does not survive either.

Now that all three of them are down for the count, I end up checking the rest of the first floor before I head outside. As soon as I make it outside though, I immediately start getting hit by bullets and I quickly turn around to see where they’re coming from.

I see that there’s a guard over by a small building or outpost and as he comes around, I immediately start shooting at him. Once he’s no longer a threat, I take cover between a dumpster and the outside wall of a building. I decide to also check the map at that time to see where I need to go in order to get that Akula.

I end up checking all the way down into Los Santos and it happens to be at the main airport there so I definitely have a bit of a drive ahead of me if I can make it out of the base. After I’m done with that, I decide to get up and steal a vehicle. I immediately look around for any guards and so far, don’t see any close by.

As I’m making my way to a car that I want to steal and looks like it has some speed to it, a military jeep pulls up and the personnel in them immediately get out and start firing at me. I take a few hits, but I’m able to take out the driver and the other one who was in the passenger seat. I can’t celebrate my kills long as another jeep pulls up and I start taking gun fire again. I return fire and end up killing both of them. I’m finally now able to return to that specific car, steal it, and head out of the base.

Driving To The Cooridinates

Now that I’m out of the base, it is time to pick up the Akula. As I mentioned above, I do have a drive though since it is located at Los Santos International Airport. I must mention too that while I made it out of the base alive, I’m not quite home free yet as I do have a 2 star wanted level on me.

As soon as I make it to the main highway and begin my journey towards the city, there’s a sheriff yelling at me to pull over from his PA system. I of course ignore the order and start driving as fast as I can. I’m making my way to the tunnel on the highway that goes under the runway of Fort Zancudo and there’s another cop car in front of me, but I manage to swerve around him however I’m not able to make it past a pedestrian’s vehicle and rear-end it. This does not slow me down though and I continue to speed away.

Once I’m in the tunnel, I want to check the map again so that I can plot a course to the helicopter. By doing this though, my car ends up slowing down and the cops that are behind me, end up catching up and ramming into me. After I quickly get my course plotted, I try to drive away, but I keep getting rammed and also driving into other traffic. It does slow me down a bit especially once I emerge from the tunnel get onto the bridge.

Destination Reached

I’m finally able to get my bearings and start to pull ahead of the cops all the while I move the game camera around to admire the scenery. I must say that the scenery in the game is quite amazing and does a great job of representing this area of California. I hope to visit the state one day and get to drive on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Now that I’m certain distance from the cops that were chasing me, my wanted stars start to flash which of course means I have a good chance now to lose them. I’m noticing on my map though that there are two cop cars in front of me and so I stop and try to turn around, but there are two cop cars behind me as well. Not wanting them to resume their chase against me, I decide to drive towards the ocean and I end driving down a deep ravine and roll my car a bit. I’m able to get it up right as the cops above me back on the highway are searching the area, but don’t know that I’m down there.

I quickly decide to go down just a bit further but careful not to drive off into the water. This ended up working and my 2 star wanted level has gone completely away. I can now drive unimpeded to the airport. Another good thing to mention is that I’m in a lobby all by myself so I don’t have to worry about someone trying to ruin my mission.

After my drive through the city and following the GPS coordinates, I arrive at the airport and head to the area where the Akula is at. All I have to do now is walk up to it and take it. Will it really be that easy?

Flying the Akula Attack Helicopter

The Akula is going to be mine and all I have to do is walk up and take it. Since it is a military aircraft you better believe there are guards protecting it so I won’t be able to just walk up and take it without a fight, but to be honest it really wasn’t much of one.

It was pretty easy to take out all the guards surround the attack helicopter and so I was able to walk up to it and get in it with ease. Killing the guards though gave me an automatic 2 star wanted level, but I wasn’t really too concerned with that because once I got into the sky, it was pretty easy to get away from the police.

My Akula!

I do have to be honest here, I’m not used to flying helicopters in this game and believe me it does show once I’m in the Akula and flying away in it. Don’t worry though, I’m not bad enough to where I end up crashing it, but it does take just a bit of time to get used to the controls.

Once I do get used to them though, it is pretty much smooth sailing for me as I have to bring the helicopter to my underground facility to complete the mission. All that I end up doing at this point is to just enjoy the scenery as I fly over the city and head into the countryside. I finally arrive at my destination and bring her down slowly and carefully.


Now that I’ve completed the mission, it looks like I’m ready for the first part of the Doomsday Heist and I’m pretty sure I’ll need to have some other players with me in order to complete it. The mission overall wasn’t too bad thankfully and I’m glad that I had the firepower to defend myself at Fort Zancudo.

I’m very curious to see how the ambulance, the 4 Deluxos and the Akula class helicopter are all gonna be utilized in this Heist. It should make for a very interesting challenge and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need other players with me in order to complete.

If you want to actually watch my crazy adventure that I just described above, check out the video below. It’s not as long as the previous video, but you’ll definitely see all the stuff I went through. As always, feel free to post your comments and check back soon for my continued experiences with the Doomsday Heist.




4 thoughts on “My Experience with The Doomsday Heist Continues

  1. That mission you were playing certainly looked intense! It is making me want to get back into GTA Online, as I have not played it in a while.

    That must have been annoying to hear that upon going up all those stairs, you find out from Lester that there was a much faster way with the elevator.

    I must say that helicopter looks absolutely brutal and I would definitely like to get one of those in the game!

    Is that one of the newer vehicles that was released for this doomsday heist update?

    1. Yeah the mission was a bit intense, but enjoyable. Yes, it is part of the Doomsday Heist. You really should get back into GTA Online. There is just so much cool stuff in it now and it is just a blast to play. 

  2. That looked So cool! I mean I preordered GTA 5 and was waiting for it with shaky and sweaty hands of anticipation and when it came out I played it untill I had a ”GTA burnout”.

    Haven’t played it in a long time and this is the first I heard about these doomsday heists. They look pretty interesting, you think it’s worth coming back? Is there enough content for even a player who has grinded the game to the end around one year ago?

    1. There is so much new content that Rockstar released that I don’t see how you can get tired of it and they keep adding new content. This new content is for online only though, but it has worked so well for them and kept GTA 5 as being the most popular game to play online.  

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