Smuggler’s Run In GTA 5: My First Experience With It

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I am back for another one of my recent experiences in Grand Theft Auto 5 except this time it will not be gunrunning, at least not fully. There will be some of it, but I’m mainly here to talk about my very first experience with the Smuggler’s Run in GTA 5 which is one of its newest updates.

Now if you remember in the past I had said it might be awhile before I would get to the Smuggler’s Run update because I just didn’t have the funds to purchase a hangar. Well things have changed now because I had enough real life cash to purchase a few shark cards so I could have enough if the in-game money to purchase a hangar.

The question then becomes where do I purchase one? There are a few of them in Los Santos at the main airport, and a few others on another section of the map. After looking at the prices, sizes of the hangars, and what all I can furnish in them, I had made my choice. Where did I purchase a hangar at? Read on to find out.

Fort Zancudo

The title above says it all. I have purchased an aircraft hangar at the military base that is known as Fort Zancudo. It’s pretty big and has lots of room to store quite a bit of aircraft. The good news is that I have at least 2 aircraft already that can be stored in there, but I’ve only stored one of them at the moment.

What’s really nice is that you are no longer a trespasser on the military base and I now have low level clearance to access my hangar.

I will have to say though that even though I’m on the military base, if I do things that are not related to my hangar on base, the military can definitely come after me so it is definitely not a good idea to try and steal one of their tanks or jet fighters.

Fort Zancudo

I’m glad I have a jet fighter of my own and so I end up flying my Hydra jet to the base and have it stored there now and with a new look.

If you’re wondering how much it all cost, the price was definitely up there. I spent over $5 million dollars on the hangar which included adding living quarters, different lighting, an aviation workshop, and more. I still have quite a bit of money though unlike when I purchased everything for the bunker that’s part of the gunrunning update.

Having my hangar at Fort Zancudo should give me some protection as any unwanted players who decide to chase me there will be unwelcome and the military will definitely take action…..unless of course they too have a hangar there so then I would have to figure something else out.

Jumping in to Smuggler’s Run

Now that I finally have my hangar and some aircraft that I can actually store there, I’m ready to dive into my first experience with Smuggler’s Run.

I do have a nice office inside the hangar which has a computer that looks very similar to an Apple computer, but that was done purposely as the game developers were mimicking the company with their version called iFruit.

There is something though that I forgot to do as I’ve forgotten to do this with my gunrunning business. I have to register first as a CEO and then I can access the computer. Thankfully it’s not as long a drive to my CEO headquarters to do that.

Once that is finished, I head back to the military base, head into my hangar, go up the stairs and into my office. Now I’m ready to do my first mission.

Well….at least I thought I was going to do my first mission, but in a way I’m going to….just let me get to that. What happens when I start to access the computer in the office is that there is a message that says that my access is denied until authentication is granted by the one who got me to buy a hangar in the first place which is Ronald Jakowski (also Trevor’s side kick in the single player mode).

There’s a button I can click though that says Set Up. After I click it, the screen goes black and then comes back up with my character outside the hangar and what really is my first foray into Smuggler’s Run will begin.

It’s called Business Setup and Ron calls me on my phone saying that I have to go and take a plane from these guards on the other side of the map and fly it back to the hangar so that everything can get up and running. The name of the plane I have to take is called the Mogul.

The Mogul

I end up taking my heavily armored and armed Dune Buggy to the spot and sneak up on the guards which happen to be just 2 members of The Lost motorcycle club. It was pretty easy taking them out and so I was able to get into the Mogul unchallenged and then try and take off. It was not easy since I didn’t have a lot of room to get off the ground, but I managed to do it.

I’m able to fly back to Fort Zancudo unobstructed, land the plane, and get it the hangar. Needless to say the mission was an absolute success. If you watch the video you’ll notice there’s kind of a brief hiccup around this part. What I mean by that is that you’ll see a blue screen for a few seconds and that’s because I accidentally hit the PS button on my controller and went to the PS4 main menu and paused the video/broadcast.

After that part and as soon as I walk out of the hangar, I get a call from Ron saying that we are now up and running and ready for business. I’m not ready to jump into it though as I’ve got other plans to earn some money.

Back to Gunrunning

By this time, I’ve got weapons stock in my bunker that’s now worth close to $400,000 and so I decide that it is time to sell.

The decision then comes down to whether I should sell to Blaine County or Los Santos. I do want to mention that I’m in a game lobby by myself because once again, the other players I was with just suddenly and abruptly left.

Anyway, I was going to choose to sell to Los Santos because then I could bring in over $500,000. However, when I decided to click on it, a message popped up saying that it would be beneficial to me when moving large stock like that to have other players help me in that endeavor so I then chose Blaine County instead.

I thought I made the right decision, however, when the delivery mission started, I realized that the message didn’t just apply to Los Santos, it applies to very large deliveries of weapons.

There were four dune buggies each holding 5 crates of weapons that all had certain destination points of where they needed to be delivered. In all, it equaled to a total amount of 20 weapons deliveries and it made me realize that there is just absolutely no way I would have the time to deliver all of those considering I only had 15 minutes.

I managed to make all the deliveries in the dune buggy I chose, but unfortunately I just did not have the time to get the rest of the dune buggies to their destination points and so delivery of the stock of my weapons was a failure although I did earn nearly $100,000 because of my success in making at least 5 of the drop-offs.

Weapons Delivery

Agent 14 contacted me however, and warned me that it would be on my head if the weapons buyers lost whatever battle they were going to get into because I didn’t get all the weapons to them in time.

So now I realize that it would be very beneficial to have other players online helping me in this endeavor. I am part of a group or crew, but haven’t had contact with them in quite sometime so maybe it is time I change that and get them to join me in my weapons selling business.

I will return to Smuggler’s Run

If you like how I described my first experience with getting into GTA 5’s newest content, then stay tuned because I will certainly give it another go.

I love the fact that I now have a place where I can store my aircraft and no longer have to call Pegasus and spend $200 each time I want them to deliver my jets somewhere just to fly them.

The fact that my aircraft hangar is located at Fort Zancudo just makes it even better because now I’m in a place that is very heavily defended if unwanted players try to come after me (as long as they don’t have a hangar there either).

Well there you have it, my first experience with Smuggler’s Run in GTA 5. I hope you definitely enjoyed it and will return for more. The video of my entire ordeal is below, but it is a nearly 48 minute video. If you have GTA 5 and haven’t tried out Smuggler’s Run yet, you should definitely give it a try. I can’t wait to get new aircraft and modify them as well. Feel free to post comments.

4 thoughts on “Smuggler’s Run In GTA 5: My First Experience With It

  1. I like hearing your story of the Smugglers Run update in GTA Online. It has been a while since I last played GTA Online but I always like hearing other experiences.

    I often usually play GTA Online by myself so I am usually in game lobbies alone unless I choose to wait for a while. Earning $100,000 sure sounds like quite a lot just from completing 5 of the tasks.

    My question is, what does the Smuggler’s Run content include? Does that give you a specific class of vehicles?

    1. Hi there Arie! Yeah I generally end up being in a lobby by myself because when I’m in one with other people, for some reason they will all just suddenly leave or maybe I just suddenly leave them. 

      Anyway, Smuggler’s Run lets you do a shady line of business by smuggling contraband around the map with the use of aircraft. You get to use new kinds of aircraft that have been added to the game from this update. I haven’t gotten deep into yet, but stay tuned as I plan to share more of my experiences as I get more involved with the Smuggler’s Run update. I certainly want to try some of the new aircraft they have. 

  2. it interesting to see what the content is about in the smugglers run, i am still only just starting out with gta online and am nowhere near getting anything close to a CEO position, etc.
    Is it possible to earn the currency without resorting to using real-world money? I play for fun and wouldn’t want to resort to spending money to actually experience all the different stuff in the game?
    thanks in advance, John

    1. Oh yes, it is definitely possible to earn in game money without having to resort to using actual money to purchase in game money. I had the funds to do it and so I wanted it to, but you absolutely don’t have to do that. It does take a little longer to build up funds when you earn in game currency, but it is well worth it when you do. 

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