Gunrunning in GTA 5: Mission Failure

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Well folks, it has been a little bit since I last talked about my experience with gunrunning in GTA 5. My most recent experience has some setbacks as I need to resupply so I can get that last little bit of research to unlock new weaponry and I really want this one as it will be an anti-aircraft gun.

Since I have experience doing quite a bit of the supply run missions, what could possibly go wrong? Well, you’re definitely about to find out what can go wrong and only I could screw up a resupply mission that could’ve be done fairly easily. So without further ado, here is my resupply mission failure.

What Could Go Wrong With Stealing a Tank?

As the title implies up above, the resupply mission does involve stealing a tank. Where does it involve stealing a tank from? If you guessed Fort Zancudo, you’re right on the money.

Now, it should seemingly be easy because after all, I now have low level access to the base thanks to the new Smuggler’s Run content. I have a massively huge hanger on the base that is already put to good use considering I have my Hydra fighter jet stored there as well as a training jet that unfortunately is not armed, but still fun to fly.

I have done this particular mission before. Sometimes it would be inside Fort Zancudo or other times it would be just outside the base, but regardless of where it’s at, I still have to steal a tank from the military.

Once I get onto the base, I immediately head towards the hangar that the tank is located in and of course there are plenty of military personnel inside the hangar. A firefight ensues and so I take cover behind my armored car.

I manage to take out most of the people in there, but my health is seriously depleted, but thankfully I’m able to get inside the tank and recover some of my health.

As I make my way out of the hangar with the tank, I realize there are two ways I can bring it back to my hangar. I could try and fight my way to one of big military helicopters and then latch onto the tank and fly away with it or I could just drive it to my bunker as it’s just a couple of miles away.

I decide to drive it to my bunker especially since I’ve done it before in the past with great success and plus the armor on the tank can last quite awhile which is something that is needed for this type of mission.

All I have to do is cross the bridge that I originally crossed to the military base and I should be home free without any sort of major problems.

Things Go Wrong on The Bridge

Things just don’t always go my way especially here where all I have to do is drive over the bridge that goes across the Zancudo River.

As I’m driving away from the base, you better believe that I’m being chased by the military as I have helicopters after me as well as soldiers in military jeeps chasing me down.

The military jeeps that come at me are easily crushed by the tank and I manage to keep moving forward…..until I crush a military jeep right next to the bridge railing which thus causes me to go over the railing and in between the railing and the steel part of the bridge and it causes me to get the tank stuck.

I try to back up and get back over the rail to no avail. This is the worst possible position to be in as I just cannot really move forward or backward all the while I’m getting shot at from above and from behind on the ground. As strong as the armor is on the tank, it definitely won’t last forever. I have to be very careful with how I move the tank as well as I could plunge into the water below.

I suddenly decide to get out of the tank and prepare to engage the soldiers, but I don’t watch exactly where I’m going and fall off the tank and bridge and die when I land below.

Once I respawn, I decide to head back to the base, but as I get near the gate, I take too much gunfire and I’m killed. After I respawn again, I manage to make my way to the entrance to the base and take on some soldiers, kill them and steal their jeep.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m heading to the helicopters so I can steal one and try to latch onto the tank since I can’t get it out of the position it’s on at the bridge.

I barely manage to get the helicopter off the base and I also get a bounty placed on me by an angry soldier because I stole his jeep earlier.

Military Helicopter

After I make it back to the bridge via the helicopter, I try to pick up the tank by latching on to it thanks to the helicopter. The problem is, the way the tank is stuck, it is very difficult for me to get the helicopter into the right position so I can get the tank and try to fly away.

As much as I try, I just can’t get into the right position to latch onto the tank. I keep colliding with the steel part of the bridge and there is a brief time I actually latch onto the tank, but I can’t get it out of there completely before I start to lose control of the helicopter.

I attempt to make another pass at the tank, but it just to no avail and I’m taking extreme fire by this point. I finally pretty much decide to give up and bail out of the helicopter and fall through an open part of the bridge to the ground below.

I somehow manage not to be killed from the fall, but as soon as I get up, I’m shot in the head and killed immediately.

Once I respawn, I decide that enough is enough and I’m not going to be able to get that tank so I decide to destroy which ultimately causes me to fail the resupply missions which is fine by me at this point. I’m a little ways from the bridge, but I get my homing rocket launcher out and try to destroy it from a distance, but the steel part of the bridge is just protecting the tank from a direct hit.

I switch to the regular rocket launcher where I can manually aim and this time I’m able to destroy the helicopter as well as the tank.

The supply mission is now over, however I still have a wanted level and I try to get away from the intense gunfire that I’m taking. I eventually make my way to the road and try to steal a vehicle, but to no avail and I even get hit by one. I soon start firing back at the cops, but one from a helicopter above takes me out.

After respawning, I’m able to get a vehicle and drive back to Fort Zancudo where I will pick up my heavily armored car and that will end the video as well as this mission.

Don’t worry, I do another supply mission, this time with success, but I will have to tell you that I’m not happy with how slowly the level of research is progressing so I’m doing something new that will speed things up (and cost me A LOT of in-game money). Stay tuned as I’ve got some awesome upgrades that I’ve now unlocked for vehicles and some MASSIVE firepower with upgraded weapons that I have. Enjoy the video below and check back soon.

2 thoughts on “Gunrunning in GTA 5: Mission Failure

  1. A very detailed game description. I like how you explained everything and to top it off had a video at the end to show us what you did. Did you manage to pass the mission in the end?
    This is great content for GTA 5 gamers, personally I am hooked on Destiny 2 atm.

    1. As the title suggests, I did not pass this mission which I did explain what happened in that mission that caused me to fail. Still, I did other supply missions after that with much better success.

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