Gunrunning in GTA V: My Experience Continues

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It has been awhile since I’ve talked about this fantastic update that Rockstar has released for the game months ago, but I really like the update and I’ve had some cool things happen with it since I talked about my last major experience with the gunrunning update.

Gunrunning in GTA V has been a blast and it continues to be as I still see a lot of people participating in it. Do any of you continue playing around with this awesome update or have you moved on to other things in the game? Anyway, without further ado, here is my latest experience. There will be a video at the end if you want to watch the entire thing. Just a heads up though, it is rather long.

Starting out in My Bunker

As I mentioned above, it has been awhile since I talked about my last gunrunning experience and so when I pop in GTA V in my PS4 and it finishes loading, my character is already in the bunker laying on a bed.

Once my character is up, I start running towards the exit. I have to go and register as a CEO before I can do any of the missions or supply runs for my gunrunning business.

I will give you an update though on what has happened since the last time I shared my experience. I was able to finally get enough research done to where I unlocked some new weaponry. What I unlocked though were large gun turrets that are mounted on my mobile command center.



I even was able to play one of the special mobile command missions for the first time with a couple of other players. The mission though was absolutely insane as it was one of the newer ones I unlocked because I did enough supply missions.

The mission consisted of myself and some other players getting the mobile command center to a certain destination point. Seems easy enough right? Well, the military has gotten wind of what the mobile command center actually does and wants to take it out and so they send MULTIPLE jets, attack helicopters, soldiers, military vehicles and more and my goal is to make it to the destination point but keep up enough speed to where the fighter jets can’t lock on with missiles.

Trust me, it is NOT as easy as it sounds, meanwhile the guy who informed of what the mission entails is trying to come up with a way to jam the jets radar system so that I can make it to my destination in one piece. It is not easy as I have to make a series of turns all the while going through the heart of Los Santos.

As we finally start closing in on where we need to go, we get the communication that all of the jets radars are scrambled and are no longer able to get a lock on the mobile command center. We finally reach the destination and complete the mission and all of us are rewarded with a little over $10,000.

Now that you know how my first mobile command center mission went, it’s time to get back to the main operations of my weapons business.

As I mentioned earlier, I have to go and register as a CEO in order to deal with the operations in my underground bunker so this means a nice road trip back into the city. I won’t bore you with the details of my drive there, but I did make it to my office building and was able to register.

One thing you might notice if you decide to watch the long video, is that you’ll see that I’ve received some calls from the in game character of Ron. He’s telling me about hangars that are for sale and that I can get into the smuggling business with airplanes if I purchase one.

Not too long ago, I didn’t have the money to buy another hangar as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog/post of mine that I no longer had money that was in the millions thanks to me spending nearly all of it on my gunrunning business.

That’s all changed now as I decided to purchase a shark card which gave me a nice infusion of some much needed in-game cash. I’m not going to spend it quite yet as I want to unlock more things from my weapons business which of course will include anti-aircraft weaponry. I want that so badly especially since I got blown to bits by another player flying a Hydra jet a few days ago.

After I’ve registered as a CEO, I begin the nice long drive back to my countryside bunker. On a side note, if you’ve watched my drive back to the bunker, you might have noticed that the screen suddenly showed all players suddenly leaving and a big message saying that I’m currently in a session all by myself.

For some reason, this has been happening quite often where I’m in a lobby or session with a number of other players and they’ll just suddenly leave. Not sure if this is a glitch or something is wrong with my connection on the PS4, though I don’t experience this with other games. Still though, it is kind of nice sometimes when I’m doing resupply missions or other activities and I don’t have to worry about other players interfering with that.

Convoy Attack

I finally make it back to my bunker and head straight to the laptop so I can do a resupply mission. I of course don’t want to spend my hard earned cash on buying new supplies so I always choose to steal them.

Once I begin the mission, I’m immediately contacted by Agent 14 who lets me know that there is a military convey that will have the supplies I need. I just have to follow the GPS to the destination point which thankfully isn’t that far.

A lot of times when I do these supply missions, they tend to provide me with an alternate vehicle to use for that specific mission. Fortunately, I’m able to use my heavily armored muscle car to drive to the Zancudo River (the location I need to be at to intercept the convoy).

The place of my destination happens to be on a covered bridge over the Zancudo River. I’m contacted by Agent 14 again from my in-game smartphone and he tells me to get into position, attack the Merryweather convoy, take the supplies, and bring them back to the bunker.

Once I’m inside the covered bridge, I get out of my car and head to the other end of the bridge and wait for the convoy which I can see on the mini-map is on the way because of the blinking blue bullets which represent the supplies I need.


The convoy consists of heavily armored vehicles armed with powerful guns that are manned by Merryweather soldiers. I can tell that this is going to require some very powerful weaponry of my own so I get out one of my most powerful assault rifles and take aim at one of the gunners from the convoy.

As I take out a gunner from one of the armored vehicles, the rest of the convoy speeds up, but crashes into the side of the bridge. Some of those soldiers get out and start firing at me, but I’m able to take cover along one of the now abandoned vehicles.

I take some hits, but I do survive and take out a few of the Merryweather soldiers. I then shoot the driver of the vehicle I need that has the supplies in it. I open the door, throw the now dead body out and begin driving as fast as I can to my bunker leaving my muscle car behind (not for good though).

I’m driving as fast as I can back towards my bunker all the while I’m being chased by one of their attack helicopters. As this is going on, a couple of vehicles, which I assume is also from Merryweather, are barreling towards me. I do my best to avoid them, but slam into one of their trucks.

Thank goodness that the vehicle I’m in is very heavily armored and can take punishment as those trucks did not slow me down much.

It’s a good thing the vehicle with the supplies has some good speed to it as I’m finally able to make it back to my underground lair and complete the mission. My supply bar is now full and my crew and research team can continue to research so I can unlock the next round of advanced weaponry.

El Burro Heights

After I replenish my health, thanks to the pop vending machines that are near my laptop terminal, I decide to head back outside and go get my muscle car that is at the bridge. Once I make it there, thanks to an ATV I stole, I decide I want to earn some more cash and what better way to do that than by doing something I’m very familiar with? If you guessed the Survival challenges, you are correct!

My favorite one to do is at the oil derricks in El Burro Heights. Now normally I usually have one or 2 other players with me when I do this, but I didn’t want to wait around for others to join so I decided to do this one by myself. It does take a little longer, but I have completed it myself numerous times in order to get $30,000.

Once I get into my favorite spot where I can take cover and return very deadly fire, I’m ready to begin. I quickly kill the Merryweather soldiers in the first few rounds with little to no problem since I’m using my heavy assault rifle.

By the time I get to Wave 6, the Merryweather soldiers are sporting some more heavy weaponry and also there are more of them and I start taking some serious hits. I refuse to get killed and end this challenge before round 10 so I abandon my usual cover spot and go to another one that works perfectly well in these situations and I’m able to continue my rampage against Merryweather with little trouble.

I make it to Wave 10 and take out more of the soldiers and all that is left is one of the helicopters from above. I get out my massive sized gattling gun and start unloading on the helicopter, quickly taking out both shooters and as well as the pilot. Now that that’s completed, I’ve got my $30,000 and I head back into the main part of the city to deposit into my bank account which now puts me at over $8.6 million dollars.


Well folks, that’s it for this round, but I will return with more experiences from my gunrunning business and soon will try out the brand new Smuggling Run update once I purchase a hangar.

Create Your Own Experience

Do you like how I described my recent experience with the gunrunning update and the survival challenge? Do you want to explore GTA V on your own and create your very own online character? If you’re one of the very few who do not have a copy of GTA V, what are you waiting for?

GTA V is now the best selling game of all time with tens upon tens of millions of copies of the game sold. What better way to enjoy an open world game on the PS4 than with probably the best of the them all?

As you can probably see, I have a lot of content centered around Grand Theft Auto 5, more than any other open world game I’ve talked about here. There’s a reason that myself and many other game players keep coming back to this amazing open world game and with Rockstar getting ready to release another major title, now is the time to get in on the action of GTA V.

Amazon does have a little sale going on for the game right now so you’ll definitely want to check it out by clicking the image below. If you want to enjoy the game with the best possible graphics, why not snag up a PS4 Pro as well? Again, be sure to check back for my continued experiences with gunrunning in GTA V.

4 thoughts on “Gunrunning in GTA V: My Experience Continues

  1. Haha amazing, I’ve had plenty of times in my life where I have gotten a chase on purpose by the police and tried to get the military after me with the 5 stars. They were actually some of my best memories as a child with my friends.You gotta do whatever you can for the cash i guess. You go soldier!

    1. Yeah, there are some crazy moments when you got high wanted levels or certain missions get particularly tough when you’re being chased by certain people. I certainly remember the old riot codes from earlier GTA games.

  2. This is really cool. I absolutely love GTA and been a major fan since GTA San Andreas. The story line for the games are just so interesting, you have no choice but to play it all through. I like how once you finish the game, you can still do missions online with friends. I always did heist missions but never tried the gun running. It looks very cool, where can I get it at? Great article definitely sharing this on facebook.

    1. Some of the best places to get it at are Amazon, which I did provide a link to at the end of my article, and also eBay or the PSN store. I’m really loving the gunrunning update and I’ve got a nice surprise that I’ll be sharing soon so definitely stay tuned. 

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