PS4 4K Support

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The PlayStation 4 is a great system that is wonderfully HD capable easily supporting 1080p and 720p as well as 4k video playback. Most of its games run in native 1080p and unlike another competitor, most developers have said that the game system has enough power under the hood to reach 1080p pretty solidly.

Things however are rapidly changing as they generally never stay constant in the tech world. 1080p is rapidly being pushed aside for the newer and gorgeous looking 4k resolution. So while the PS4 has limited 4k support, it does not have the power to support 4k resolution in its games. This is really becoming evident when you take a look at PC gaming which is rapidly leaving the consoles in the dust in terms of graphical power.

I remember when GTA 5 first came out to the PS3 in 720p and thought that it looked really good, but then Rockstar released the game onto the PS4 in full 1080p and I was taken a back at how much better it looked on that system. Rockstar then decided to release the game on PC and it supported 4k resolution. Just when I thought the game couldn’t look any better than what it already did on the PS4, I had seen screenshots and videos of the game in stunning 4k and was shocked at how better it looked still even when compared to 1080p.

More and more games being released on the PC are able to support 4k resolutions especially since we have newer and much more powerful graphics cards released for computers. When compared to consoles, you’ll see why PC gaming has made such a resurgence. Open world games look even more impressive on computers than what you see on the consoles.

4k Ultra HD from
4k Ultra HD from

I love playing The Crew on the PS4, but once you see it running on a powerful desktop computer, your jaw will drop at how much better it looks. Even with how much better it looks on a PC, I still don’t really have the money right now to plunk down a dedicated gaming PC or something close to it.

Now with all that in mind, Sony and Microsoft have a dilemma. It is hard to believe, but their systems are around the 3 year mark and 4k is just gaining steam as time moves on. More and more 4K televisions are being sold and the prices on those televisions are no longer as high as they used to be so now they are more affordable.

You also now have 4k content being available such as on Netflix and YouTube. There are now 4k Blu-ray players out there and movies for them that are not much higher in cost than regular Blu-ray movies. As you can see, 4k has picked up some major steam and now that PC gaming is fully aboard the 4k train, where does that leave the consoles?

Well there are now some big rumors popping up out there suggesting that Sony could release a PlayStation 4.5 so to speak. It would have more graphical power under the hood and easily be capable of 4k gaming resolution. While this would be nice to have, that is also setting a dangerous precedent because then you would start to alienate those that already bought a PS4 and the game developers too as they would have to learn a new system and the developer kits for it. Let’s not forget how much something like this could cost.

I think the console makers should’ve done a better job of seeing what’s down the road tech wise so that they wouldn’t be in the predicament they’re in now. Granted a graphics card capable of 4k back a few years ago could’ve probably raised the costs of the system, but in the long run it would’ve been worth it as it could’ve done decently with staying around the level of PCs today, but then again with how rapidly technology advances, you just never know.

From Part of a trailer of the game in 4k for PC.
From Part of a trailer of the game in 4k for PC.


If you want to read more about it, here is a good article from ExtremeTech. They do make mention that such a concept is not necessarily a bad thing and is something that Sony should be looking at which I don’t necessarily disagree with. My concern is how they would execute it if they were to bring it to retail. I think a good way to do that is if you currently own a PS4 and would like the new upgraded one, you would have a limited time to upgrade to the newer system for free.

I would say give a 3 month window where you can upgrade to the new system for free. Ninety days is plenty of time to trade in for the new system and then after that if you don’t do it within that time frame, you can trade it in towards the purchase of the upgraded system, but it will no longer be free. That way you don’t alienate those that got the system before and as a thank you for buying the  original game system, they have a chance to get the new one for free.

If Sony did something like that, you better believe I would be on board with a PlayStation 4.5 that would sport 4k resolution for its games. You would already have to have a 4k capable television, but as I said earlier, they have come down quite a bit in price and are affordable these days. I also think they are starting to phase out a little bit the 1080p LED televisions so they can focus more on 4k.

I probably won’t get a 4k television for another year or two as I am satisfied with 1080p right now. I will certainly have updates here if Sony or even Microsoft do actually decided to release updated game systems. What do you all think about the possibility of a PlayStation 4.5? If executed similar to what I mentioned above, would you end up getting one? Would they have to have a good amount of games for it first before you get the upgraded system? Definitely share your thoughts on this possibility.

12 thoughts on “PS4 4K Support

  1. My husband and I are exactly where you are. We have a ps4 and my husband was itching for a 4k tv only a couple months after we already purchased a nice 1080p one. There’s a clear difference and it surprises me too that sony didn’t look ahead on that – I figure they just need to keep business going and sell things so playing a waiting game is not easy. Nevertheless he loves his ps4 and the games are very sophisticated.

    1. Hi there Maria! Yeah I can definitely relate to your husband! I agree that Sony should’ve had more foresight on the coming 4k resolution and planned accordingly. It will be interesting to see what they do in the next few months or into next year.

  2. I have a PS4 and a 4K Tv currently. I honestly can’t tell the difference between this TV and my older 1080P one as far as PS4 games go. I’d upgrade if Sony did something like that for free, but I don’t believe in keeping up with technology at the prices things go for when they first come out.

    Another dilemma I found was my new Samsung Smart TV isn’t compatible with my 3 year old Yamaha receiver. I’ve read every online forum trying to get surround sound with the TV programs, but I’m currently stuck with surround sound only when the PS4 is on. The way I feel right now is HDMI is nice and easier, but if my tv can’t sync with my fairly new receiver it’s not worth it for a few more pixels but crappy sound.

    Do you think all these manufacturers will ever get on the same page and make everything mesh better? I’ve got 3 stereo receivers that aren’t compatible with anything now so it’s hard to justify buying another new system every 3 years.

    1. With how fast technology is advancing, it seems they sometimes overlook the stuff that has been out for the last few years and don’t always think about compatibility. I also certainly think that overall, the game makers are also regretting a little bit not making their systems backwards compatible and are only now starting to change that. It will be interesting to see where things go the rest of this year and into next.

  3. I have not seen the 4k gaming for pc. Pc has always been ahead of the curve though. I’m an user of the other guys and I’m happy with my gaming experience. I don’t see how Sony could even attempt what your proposing. I will wait till the next one comes out then decide if want another gaming system. Nice article.

    1. Hi there Aaron. As for 4k gaming, check out GTA V for PC. It is 4k capable and looks absolutely stunning! Plus I believe The Witcher 3 is 4k capable as well. It is crazy that Sony is thinking about doing something like this, but if they do something like I suggested with the 3 month window where you can upgrade/trade in your original PS4 in for free to the upgraded system, I think it would go a lot smoother for Sony. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony ultimately ends up deciding.

  4. I think the idea of a 3 month window to upgrade is a great idea. That way the developers and previous customers as you pointed out will feel some loyalty. Any chance of a collaborative effort between Sony and developers likely to occur in the future?

    1. Hi there rlwood! Yeah the 3 month window would be a wonderful idea to upgrade to the new system for free! One thing I did forget to mention though is that if Sony does go through with this PlayStation 4.5 so to speak, they absolutely MUST make it backwards compatible with ALL of the games from the original PS4 or I believe the 3 month window would not really matter as people would really be upset that they can’t play all the games on the original PS4 that they bought within the last 3 years. I haven’t heard of any major collaborative effort between developers and Sony, but Sony would be very smart to do something like this especially if they decide to release an upgraded game console.

    1. Glad you like it! What do you overall think about the possibility of Sony coming out with a PlayStation 4.5 that would support 4k gaming resolution?

  5. The PlayStation 4 is a great system that is wonderfully HD capable easily supporting 1080p and 720p as well as 4k video playback. This is a lot of Techi Stuff and its new to me. But impressed with th edetail and the argument that is been placed. You seem very knowledgable in this area and its a good niche.
    Very readable design and im impressed
    well done

    1. I definitely agree with you that the PS4 is a beautiful HD game system and does 720p and 1080p very well. Trust me, I can be very happy with 1080p, but the Sony may not be as 4k is starting to become the norm for PC gaming and feel like they are being left behind. We will definitely see what happens or what Sony decides.

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