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GTA 5 has been out for awhile now and shows no signs of slowing down. That’s mainly because Rockstar continuously updates the online multiplayer part of the game in order to keep it fresh and exciting to play. Who can blame them since there are millions of players who play it online. There has been no word lately on an update for the single player portion of the game.

Well now things are slowly starting to surface about the next major GTA game so here is some Grand Theft Auto 6 news. There’s not a lot of information to go on at this point, but according to techspot which they mention the report originally comes from techradar, preliminary development has begun for Grand Theft Auto 6.

There’s really not a whole lot to go on as the report states that a location hasn’t even been picked yet, this is just the very early stages to get things going for the game and its long development process. I certainly wonder where the next location will be, but going by the last 2 iterations in the series, my bet is Vice City.

GTA Vice City 2 from
GTA Vice City 2 from

Think about it, they’ve gone back to Liberty City for GTA IV in the last generation of systems and then touched San Andreas again with Los Santos and a little bit of the surrounding area in GTA V so it would make sense for them to take it to Vice City.

What is interesting though is that techradar states that Rockstar came close to developing a Grand Theft Auto Tokyo game. The only reason they didn’t is because the city’s road system just wouldn’t have fit with the type of gameplay that the series is known for.

I think it is cool that the developers have tried to take the game series outside of the US and who knows, maybe I could be completely off base and they might actually try it again with GTA 6. In any case, it will definitely be quite awhile before we see this game released, my bet is probably within the next 2 to 3 years.

If GTA 6 doesn’t come out for a few years, a very big question comes up thanks to recent and strong rumors regarding Microsoft and Sony. If you recently read my article about PS4 4k Support, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If Sony and Microsoft are serious about releasing updated systems with more horsepower to support 4k resolution for gaming, what would that entail for the development of GTA 6?

I certainly don’t think that Rockstar should stop development of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One since they’ve been out around 3 years now and the systems are continuing to sell at a good clip. PC gaming is gaining massive steam as you can see with GTA V released for it and supporting 4k resolution. If Rockstar is truly in the very early stages of development for the sixth iteration of the series and the rumors of updated systems turn out to be true, do you develop for both systems, the original and the updated one?

That would certainly entail more resources and you probably would have to have a bigger development team in order to make them for both systems. There would definitely be a learning curve with the newer system as you would have to adjust for more horse power and how to best use it to the advantage of the new system.

PS4 from
PS4 from

I understand Sony’s and Microsoft’s position as 4k is gaining steam rapidly and they are getting left behind PC gaming that’s already 4k capable for gaming, but making new hardware like that so soon in the life cycle of the current systems is a dangerous idea as well as you definitely risk alienating those who bought and support the systems now.

What do you ultimately think of Grand Theft Auto 6 being in the early stages of development? What would you like to see in a new GTA game? Would you rather it be in development only for the rumored updated gaming systems that support 4k resolution? Do you think the setting will take place in America again such as Vice City or will the finally go overseas?

Definitely check back here for any Grand Theft Auto 6 news. I will also post any new information regarding the possibility of news systems from both Sony and Microsoft. Things could certainly get interesting in the gaming world this year so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 6 News

  1. Ah! GTA VI news, already? I remember GTA V like it just came out yesterday… I remember all the fond memories of this game. I never got too much into it, but I enjoyed the community centered around it and the amount of content the game had to offer. GTA VI seems to be promising from what you describe, and I look forward to its release within the next few years.

    And, just a question: do you have any idea what engine it may run on? Has there been any news about that?

    1. Hi there Mate! I know, it’s kind of crazy that there is GTA VI news already! No news about what kind of engine it would run on though I’m curious on that as well. Hopefully some information is released about that soon.

  2. Grand Theft Auto is an awesome game. It is a great way for me to blow some steam off after a long day. Killing people and blowing stuff up is not allowed in real life so the only option I have is to do it in a video game. Grand Theft Auto is the perfect game for me. I’m not insane, I just get worked up very easily.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi there Lucas and I certainly know what you mean! It is certainly a great stress reliever after a long day. I do like playing the game online. Do you play GTA V online or prefer the single player mode?

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