GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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I think it’s time for something a little different and something that I feel needs to be discussed. Everyone I’m sure knows that Grand Theft Auto 5 is played online and pretty heavily from the PS3 to the PC. It is one of the most popular online games to play out there.

With millions playing it weekly it is just inevitable that people will start to probe and hack components of the game to try and cheat or prop up certain stats in the game such as money and RP. This brings us to what is known as the GTA 5 Online Money Hack.

Now I’m not advocating the use of it here. That is entirely up to you to use and is actually pretty easy to find so I’m not going to post a link to it here. How it works is you type in your account ID to which ever system you play GTA 5 on or your email associated with your ID, type in the amount of money you want which can range anywhere from $1 million to $100 million and a short time later the funds are supposed to show up.

Here’s why I don’t think this is such a good idea. If you give away your account ID, you don’t know who you’re exactly giving it to and since it is using some sort of hack to give you a large amount of in game cash, you’re not exactly sure what else they might have accessed with that hack. Sure, we all want loads of cash to play around with online because there’s so much you can buy in the game which I gave some examples of.


I’m not sure if anyone is aware, but there has been a dangerous new trend recently reported for the online GTA portion of the game where apparently hackers can take your money through a type of insurance fraud and there is no way whatsoever to get it back.

What makes this incredibly bad and probably the worst kind of hack in this game to date is that there are those who have paid for a shark card. It’s like a prepaid card with a certain amount of cash on it that you can use in GTA 5 online.

The thing with those however, is that you actually spend real money to buy those shark cards so when these hackers are able to take the in game money that you used real money to pay for, that can get extremely frustrating!

Apparently how hackers are able to drain ones bank account in the online world of GTA 5 is that they’ll have a car that will explode/get destroyed and then some unlucky player will get charged for having to pay for the destroyed car which a hacker can change and say it cost $5 million to replace and then you can say goodbye to all your hard earned money in the game and your real life money if you spent it on a shark card. You can read more about it here.

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From what I’ve read at other places online about this issue, Rockstar is looking into it since they’ve had multiple complaints on their forums about it. At the very least I think that those who bought a shark card should be refunded since they actually used their own money and had their in game money basically taken from them.

I believe this just shows the dangers of game hacks and the use of them. If you have the PC version, I certainly can understand the use of mods as it is a very popular thing to do and enhances the fun you can have with the game. It’s just when someone does things to the game for fraudulent purposes, it really ruins the enjoyment of the game.

This is why I generally urge anyone to stay away from game hacks especially money hacks for GTA online. Rockstar has created many ways for you to earn in game money and with their constant updates and event weekends, there really is no reason for anyone not to make lots of money in a good amount of time the proper way in the game.

I personally think it is better to earn the money through the different challenges and events in the game. It’ll make you better in the long run at completing them and it will actually make it easier for you to earn money since you’ve gotten good at them.

One of the many jobs I participate in is the survival jobs/challenges and two of my favorite ones are El Burro Heights and Sandy Shores. Get through 10 rounds of enemy onslaughts that get tougher each round and you’ll get $30,000. Trust me, it adds up and I’m now getting close to $3,000,000 as my in game total.

Some of that money has also come from some of the other stuff such as the Heists, which I participated in so I could get available and purchase the Hydra fighter jet in the game as well as the Rhino tank. Those two were not cheap by any stretch and if I remember correctly the jet cost $2-$4 million dollars while the tank was around $2 million.

I was fortunate enough to have done some of the heist missions which netted in quite a bit of money on top of the money I had saved up from doing various other online modes and challenges. I was able to buy both of them and use them every once in awhile especially if I am having a difficult time against other players. I’m not exactly a pro with flying the Hydra jet, but I’m getting better with time.

There you have it folks, my reasons why I don’t use the GTA 5 online money hack and reasons why doing so could be bad. Right now, I think the insurance fraud hack is only limited to the PC version of the game, but if they find a way to get it on the consoles, it can definitely spell bad news for lots of players online.

If you really want to get lots of money in the game, just do some of the things I’ve mentioned above. You’ll be surprised how much you can earn from some of the challenges and how quickly you can earn and save up money. As always, feel free to post comments on your thoughts especially if you are for or against this money hack.






8 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Money Hack

  1. Ok it looks like they seriously took this game to the next level literally “Grand Theft”. The actual money people are spending is being stolen. So my question is why are there not security measures put in place to prevent this actual theft theft from taking place? I also wonder if these hackers have the ability to actually convert what is stolen back into actual cash in their pockets? If I was playing this game and my hard earned cash was taken from me that would be it for me I would find some other game to play. I surely hope the ones who are claiming this has happened to them recieve their funds back.

    1. Rockstar has tried numerous things in the past to try to thwart hackers, but to generally no avail. For awhile they even did not even allow any mods to be used in the game, mainly for the PC version only. I know the developer even introduced something called “dead code”, but that actually made the stability of the game worse so they had to remove it. I have read though that through investigations, Rockstar has started refunding the in game money that those lost especially from those who purchased shark cards.

  2. Hi Defiant6, thank you for the tips and I really enjoy reading your post. I totally agree that any online user must know how to prevent their accounts from being hack. Revealing too much information is inviting trouble. It is the same as opening the door to your house and inviting thieves to have a buffet to whatever you have.

  3. OMG!! I so agree with you, these are my 3 pet peeves;
    # 1. Why buy the friggin’ game if just bragging that you ended it is your only fun?
    # 2. Why buy the game and then not get the game play out of it by spending time with it?
    # 3. When you play a fighting game with your lover it keeps the communication going. In addition, I really believe earning the reward and achievements are the absolute.
    Although I usually don’t use the word hate…but liars and cheaters should be banned.(except some cheat sheets…LOL).
    In addition I’m not understanding the point that you are trying to make. Did you actually put a link in your website that is supposed to lead to a GTV hack ?

    1. No, there is no link to the money hack on my website. The point I’m trying to make is the danger of doing so and what other hackers have done to ruin the game. Now on my facebook page that is tied to my website, someone posted a comment on there that linked specifically to a money hack for GTA V. I have hidden that comment because I do not want to be associated with those hacks or anyone getting to it through my facebook page.

  4. I like GTA V and I’m looking for how to get money fast on the game. I’m learning many things on your article. I also like how you share stories about GTA v. I want also to sharebit to my friends who’s looking for hacks. But I have to clarify some thing. is it easy to money hack on gta v? Is this works on online or does this hack still works?

    1. Hi there John! Glad to hear you like my GTA V articles. As far as the money hacks on GTA V, I know it is easier to do on the PC version than the consoles, but there are sites that can do it for consoles. I would just be careful with those.

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