New Update for GTA 5

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Rockstar has just done it again! They’ve released a new update for GTA 5 this weekend and a new game mode online that should be a blast to play! According to Gamespot, the new adversary mode is called Rhino Hunt. Here’s what is said Rhino Hunt is about according to Gamespot:

“In a David vs. Goliath-type scenario, one team of “Hunters” drives around in dune buggies (and other vehicles) and must chuck sticky bombs at a player in a heavily armored Rhino military tank to defeat them.

“Rhino drivers must utilize the sheer strength and firepower of their tank to survive against the onslaught of sticky bombs thrown in their direction,” reads a line from the mode’s description.

Rhino Hunt is available in three different locations across Los Santos. These were not named outright, but fan videos on YouTube show that the airport is one of them.”

I think that is an awesome new scenario to play in because just in the free mode of online, if you have a Rhino tank and are using it to cause mayhem across the city, I’ve certainly seen other players do what they can to try and take you out and I’ve had multiple people throw sticky bombs to launching rpgs at me to destroy my tank and as powerful as the Rhino is, it can’t continuously take an onslaught like that.

A few other things that is mentioned in the article that Rockstar is doing this weekend in the game are major discounts to some of the stores online such as Warstock Cache & Carry. I just recently posted an article talking about all the many things you can use your hard earned money from the game to spend on if you want to go on a buying spree.

You’ll definitely want to play Grand Theft Auto 5 this weekend to take advantage of those special discounts especially if you’ve been trying to save up for certain weapons to purchase in the game. It wasn’t to long ago that Rockstar released another update that included another online game mode that had to do with Valentine’s Day which was called ‘Till Death Do Us Part’.

This is why playing GTA 5 will never get old, the developer cares about its game and the people playing it and does not want to have the game become stale. They always release new stuff for players to engage in and it is almost becoming a weekly ritual as far as updates are concerned.

I also like the fact that they have special event weekends where you can earn double on certain game stats such as RP which is what makes you level up your online created character and you can earn double for money as well. I remember sometime ago when they had a weekend where you if you played any of the survival challenges, you earned double the amount of what you do normally. Survival is probably my most favorite of all the challenges online and what you normally earn if you successfully complete all 10 rounds is $30,000, but for that weekend it was $60,000. This is what I normally do to build up some money so I can take advantage of all the many things you can buy in the game.

What is your favorite challenge in GTA 5? Any of the new stuff that Rockstar has released that has become your absolute favorite? I will definitely give Rhino Hunt a try and see how well this challenge is compared to the many others in the game. Do you have a wish list of things that you would like to see Rockstar release in the future for updates to the game?

6 thoughts on “New Update for GTA 5

  1. Hey Brian,
    Another awesome update you’ve written here mate! Rhino hunt eh? I was so caught up with flying the heli that I completely forgot that we can actually steal a tank!

    Awesome game, very dangerous too because I tend go all out when playing and forgot that I haven’t slept the whole day. That’s pure fun.

    I can only imagine how hard it is for you to stop playing and write an update like this, we need more men like you. Keep writing hose awesome updates man, cheers!

    1. Thank you Riaz! Oh yes, you can definitely steal a tank in this game, but good luck trying to steal it from the military base! Once I had enough money, I decided to purchase it from the inside the game’s website, Warstock Cache & Carry. I like to keep people informed who love playing GTA 5 of the latest updates and news about the game. It is just so much fun to play and you are right about finding time to put down the controller and writing to keep everyone updated, it can be a challenge especially when you’re having so much fun with the game, lol!

  2. Rhino Hunt! I can imagine scouring away then bricking it when you see the tank lol. I love GTA and rockstar constantly making it harder and harder to stay off it! whats you favourite game mode? me and my mate proper love LTS just really tactical and you have to think about what you’re doing because when your dead, your dead!! There’s supposedly a DLC in the works that includes CJ as the voice actors of Franklin and CJ posted about it on instagram, you seen that?

    1. Hi there Kyle! You are definitely right about Rockstar making it very difficult to stop playing GTA 5! I did hear something about CJ returning to do his character’s voice for downloadable content, but Rockstar has been extremely quiet about releasing any single player content and at points almost denying there will ever be anymore single player content as they seem to be solely focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Here’s to hoping that Rockstar really does have something planned for the single player mode!

  3. Sweet post, GTA 5 is way too addictive and these expansions make the addiction even worse..

    Rhinos are one of the coolest features of the GTA series. I remember them from Vice City and they were still awesome! Thanks for the article and I’m looking forward to trying this out!

    1. Hey there Andy B! Glad you like the post. Yeah Rockstar just keeps on pushing out awesome updates for GTA 5! Their cunning stunts release is just plain awesome and in my opinion one of the best ones they’ve released thus far.

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