What to buy in GTA 5

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There are a lot of games where you can earn and gain large amounts of money, sometimes in a short period of time. The thing is though, some of those games do not give you many options of what you can do with that money and so you hold on to it and keep making more, but not really able to buy anything. Some early Grand Theft Auto games were that way. Thankfully, the developers of GTA 5 have developed an economy of sorts both offline and online where not only can you make lots of money, there are a lot of things you can spend that money on and believe it or not you can go broke in the game as well! Let’s take a look at what to buy in GTA V.


Let me tell you, there’s NO shortage of wardrobe in GTA V. You can look like the classiest person in Los Santos or the worst trailer trash to grace Blaine County. The choice is yours! I love the different types of clothing that Rockstar has in the game especially for online multiplayer. They’ll even release special types of t-shirts and what not during special event weekends that your customizable character can wear.

My character sports a ball cap, jeans, and a t-shirt that says “Knife After Dark” and then in the middle of the shirt it has a shadowy figure in blood red holding a knife. This is just one of many shirts that Rockstar has made for special themes or occasions. If I remember correctly, that specific t-shirt in the game came out around Halloween. There’s also a zombie t-shirt and a few other cool ones.

Classy clothes!
Classy clothes!

You can also buy all kinds of different hats that range from ball caps, to fedoras and more. Some of them can be high as well, but if they fit the style you want your created character to look, money won’t be an issue for you. There is also a place in the game by the beach where your can buy all kinds of different masks. You can buy masks ranging from monkeys, to ski masks, hockey masks that look like they came from Jason in the horror series Friday the 13th, and even masks that make you look like that you came from outer space. A lot of these can really make your character look pretty cool or funny.

There are a nice assortment of clothing stores located in Los Santos and also in Blaine County, but you can imagine what types of clothes would be sold at those stores out in the country side. As far as in the big city, a diverse selection of clothing is at your disposal. In the more ritzy part of Los Santos, you can definitely expect to find stores there that sell more upper class type of clothing from very impressive looking suits, to polo, dress shirts, dress shoes, and more. You also better believe there are some pretty heft price tags if you want to go that route. There are even some outfits that can make you have a similar look to some movie characters as well. There’s just such a wide range of clothing you can select from in the game and you can change your outfit anytime where your apartment is located.


You should know by now that a game series like this is loaded with all kinds of weapons and you can definitely buy them at your heart’s content in GTA V. The main place to buy weapons in the game is Ammu-Nation. There are branches of that particular weapon’s chain spread throughout the map. Now you should know that when you first start out, especially online, you will not have access to a lot of weapons especially the bigger ones that it seems many online use.

In order to get access to them you have to level up your character so to speak and at certain levels that you reach, weapons will start to unlock that you can purchase. Some are definitely quite pricey and when you factor in the ammo that has to be purchased along with the weapon of your choice, you can definitely expect the price to be double or triple the amount at times.

Now some of the guns you can buy also will have available to them modifications and other things that can make it much more deadly to use than it already is. Some will allow you to add grip, scopes, flashlights, upgrade the amount of rounds some weapons can carry, silencers, and more. You can even change the color of some of the weapons. I love using the heavy assault rifle since it is basically something that the military would typically use. It has a very high rate firing ammo and can shoot up to 200 rounds before you need to reload. It comes in very handy when doing the survival challenges in the more difficult later round.

As I mentioned above, you can certainly spend quite a bit of money on weapons easily. Some of them cost well into the thousands of dollars and a lot of them can carry large amounts of rounds so if you decided to buy a particular weapons and want to buy rounds for it to get all the way to the max, that can cost into the thousands of dollars as well. I can tell you that with the heavy assault rifle you can carry nearly 10,000 rounds for it and trust me, trying to purchase that many rounds will cost you quite a bit and that is jut for the heavy assault rifle alone. Some other weapons that are pricey too are explosives such as grenades, sticky bombs, and mines. You’ll definitely want to do some missions and challenges to store up so money if you want to go on a weapons buying spree at Ammu-Nation.

Cars, Vehicles, and Other Transportation Stuff

There’s such a wide range of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5 that practically anyone can find a car or other vehicle that they really like to use. There’s two ways to get a vehicle you want. You can either go around the map to different areas hoping to spot a car that someone is driving that you want or find one parked and steal it (why do you think this game is called Grand Theft Auto) or if you have a lot of money you want to use and don’t want to necessarily turn into a life crime, you can purchase them a few different ways.

In Los Santos there are a few car dealerships where you can purchase a car and one of them is called Premium Deluxe Motorsports where you can buy high end  sports cars. You can bet that since this dealership sells those types of vehicles the price ranges for them are pretty steep. If you like fast and tuned cars though, this is a place to get them.

Don’t feel like dealing with the pressure from a cars salesman and want to stay away from Premium Deluxe Motorsports? Not a problem! GTA 5 believe it or not has its own internet and you can get on it at anytime via the game’s smartphones! It opens up a whole new world of stuff you can buy that range from vehicles to different pieces of property. An online site you can purchase vehicles from is called Legendary Motorsport which sells VERY high end supercars! Think of it as this game’s version of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis, and more. You need to have some MAJOR money if you want to purchase any of these vehicles as you can easily spend into the millions here just like you can in real life.

Better have some money!
Better have some money!

Don’t want to spend that much money online for those kind of cars and want something more in your price range? Not a problem! There are a few other places in the online world of GTA V where you can purchase less pricey vehicles. That place is called SouthernSanAndreasSuperAutos.com. Here you can buy all kinds of vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, dune buggies, and more. You can find anything here that will fit your price range. It is a nice alternative to Legendary Motorsport.

What about the game’s other modes of transportation that range from planes, to boats, and even military vehicles? You buy all of that online too! Warstock Cache & Carry is where you can purchase buses, huge dump trucks and stuff the military uses such as the Hydra fighter jet and the Rhino tank as well as an attack helicopter. Now some of that stuff you have to unlock by doing the online heist missions and that is especially true for the Hydra jet and you had better have a very large amount of money to buy it as its price is over $2,000,000!

Now you might be asking yourself where are these things stored if I buy them online? It depends because if you purchase a vehicle, it can be stored in any garage you may have. Now when it comes to other things such as the Hydra and the Rhino Tank, those can’t be stored and you have to call a special company to have it delivered to a certain area in order for you to use. Don’t worry though because if you lose it such as someone steals it or it is destroyed, they will always replace it. Something that is worth mentioning is that when you call that company which I believe is called Pegasus and you are ready to use the Hydra or Rhino, it costs $200 for them to deliver it.

There are also other sites online such as Elitas Travel where you can buy different kinds of planes to fly including one that’s all gold, and you can buy boats at a site called Dock Tease which has anything from sailboats to high end yachts. Isn’t amazing what you can purchase in this game?


It would not be good if you can buy cars, planes, clothing and whatnot if you didn’t have a place to store them or a place to call home. There are all kinds of apartments, homes, and even businesses in the game that you can purchase and now that Rockstar has increased the amount of properties you can buy online, you can have multiple places to store things.

In order to buy some property you have to either come across them on the map which  you’ll notice on your mini-map as it will have a $ sign which means it is a place you can purchase or you can go online in the game and go to what is called Dynasty 8: Prime Property in The Los Santos Area. There are all kind of high end apartments and houses you can purchase here from the downtown area to the beach front, you can definitely have your choosing of where you would like to have a place to hang your hat.

The different websites
The different websites

You can also purchase multiple garages located throughout Los Santos and believe me it comes in handy if you’ve run out of room to store vehicles at an apartment. I purchased what I believe is a 10 car garage underneath a freeway near downtown. It is nice because I can keep any other vehicles away from my main garage at my apartment and I can store more vehicles there whether bought or stolen (have to customize the stolen vehicles first before I can store them).


There you have it folks! A great list of all the different things you can buy in the game of GTA V. The money that you earn whether it be from missions, challenges, or even purchasing money (yes you can do that), it does not have to stay static or be just for show, you can easily spend large sums of money in this game on so many kinds things.

GTA V basically gives us the option to purchase things that many of us wish we could in real life. This is why GTA V is such a blast to play because the developers give you so many options to what you can do and are always adding new content to the online multiplayer. Because of that I will never stop playing GTA V and it will definitely keep us busy until the next major Grand Theft Auto game is released. Below is a little bit of a short video showing you the different things you can purchase in the game that I’ve talked about. Feel free to post your comments and let me know some of the things you’ve purchased in GTA 5!

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  1. Spectacular GTA V write-up! You hit the nail right on the head when you said that grand theft auto allows us to have things that we wish we could in real life.

    We get to live out our most primitive fantasies through a video game but it’s sure cool as hell!

    Thanks for the great article. Keep up the great writing!

    1. Thank you, glad you like it! That’s what I love about video games these days, they get more sophisticated or more realistic, but allow us to do the things in the game that a lot of us don’t have the money or time to do in real life that we wish we could. Awesome stuff!

  2. Pretty cool review, I was really into videos games in my younger years and would have absolutely loved this site. Keep up the game reviews and stuff. This game especially looks pretty interesting in the sense of the open world platform in which you can buy a bunch of stuff. Keep it up.

    1. Glad you like it! Grand Theft Auto 5 is just an amazing game and it keeps on getting better! The developers keep releasing new content for its online multiplayer portion to keep it fresh and interesting!

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