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Well folks we are entering the final stretch of 2016 and some new open world video games are on the way before year’s end.

There is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim HD edition, Mafia 3 (October 7th release date!), and Watch Dogs 2 all of which promise to be very exciting open world games, but there is one that went completely under the radar from me that might have some potential.

What is this open world game that escaped my attention? The name of this new game is called Road Rage and is developed by a game company called Team 6 and will be published by a company called Maximum Games.

I don’t know how this game escaped my attention, but I surprisingly did not see it talked about or previewed at the main gaming sites that I check out for the latest news on upcoming games. Instead I found out about this game through an email.

Road Rage is an open world vehicular combat game that focuses on rival motorcycle gangs that have taken over a very large fictional city and the surrounding areas.

The game will include all kinds of motorcycles that can be customized to your liking and there are lots of weapons you can choose from as well. From the videos I’ve seen of this upcoming game, it does look like a very fun and intense game.

The large open world though does look kind of barren from what I’ve seen and I don’t know if that’s because of the threat of the motorcycle gangs or if the developers just couldn’t make use of all the system’s resources to make it a fully living city like in some other games. Still though the game does look like it is worth giving a try and playing around with for a bit.

The name of the fictional city the game takes place in is called Ashen. It looks like it will be a pretty large city to roam around in as there are large downtown skyscrapers, suburbs, and even farmland in the surrounding areas.

The game is coming out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is not that far away as the release date for it is November 15th. This looks like it will be another open world game to add to my list this year. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to have time to play all these great and wonderful games coming out during the next few months.

I will have to say that there surprisingly has not been much in the way of vehicular combat games released for the latest game systems which kind of seems surprising to me. There hasn’t been a Burnout game and Sony has not released a title in its infamous Twisted Metal Series.

Road Rage looks to finally change that this generation and as I said earlier it looks like a game worth checking out. The price of it isn’t bad either at $39.99 which is twenty dollars cheaper than a typical new game that’s released.

You can check out more of the game at the official website here. There have been some gameplay videos released of the game and the one below is definitely one worth checking out to see if this game will be up your alley. As always, feel free to post comments or your thoughts on this and many of the new open world video games that are coming.

4 thoughts on “New Open World Video Games

  1. Having watched a “Let’s Play” of Watch Dogs, it made me want to go out and get the game to play for myself. However, my own monetary resources kept me from being able to.

    Road Rage looks too much like an arcade-type game. If the manner in which the AI react after being struck are all the same way, I can see the appeal dropping off rapidly. The only way I see this game taking off is if marketed to a particular niche of players.

    1. You’re probably right on that one Norm. After looking at the video again, it is concerning that the AI react the same way over and over again after being hit off their bike in the game. There’s probably a reason the major gaming sites skipped over this one. This will probably a wait and see title for me.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with the comment above, in that the game doesn’t look like it will have much appeal.

    It’s got little going for it compared to many other games and I’m not surprised that something like this would completely slip under someone elses radar. It looks like something that probably would’ve been something really special in the early to mid 2000,s but now I just don’t see this as all that special. looks kinda meh to me. Just my opinion.

    1. Hi Jaylin! You’re opinion is definitely valid! There must be a reason the gaming sites skipped over this one and the fact that it is being released at the price of $39.99 instead of the industry normal $59.99 can speak volumes. It may not be a hit and like I said earlier too, the open world city has me concerned as it just looks barren. I may pick up this title when it goes down to $19.99.

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