New GTA Content Coming Next Week!

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A HUGE update is coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 next week! If you’ve been coming to my site lately, then you’ll have read that the newest content for GTA 5 that’s coming is called Gunrunner.

The first trailer of the new update looks amazing and the good news is that Rockstar has released one more trailer of the new content before its release.

The good news is that the update will be released on June 13th next week which is Tuesday. I can’t wait because there will be loads of new vehicles and heavy weaponry to use in the game. It’s going to become a lot more dangerous in the multiplayer world of GTA 5.

What I really want is the anti aircraft missiles in the game which will be so useful against those players in the Hydra fighter jets which I’ve mentioned in the past. The other weaponry will be amazing to use too so now I’m really going to have to start earning more money to try and afford them in the game.

As I said though the multiplayer portion is going to become a lot more dangerous because other players will be using these weapons and specially modified vehicles that will be able to sport some weapons and it will make it just that much harder to survive.

I will hopefully post my first impressions of the update sometime next week. Check out the new trailer as it will get you very excited for this update.

I’ve got some other gaming news of upcoming open world games. There’s some interesting rumors coming out about what Red Dead Redemption 2 will be about and what characters will be in the game. I’m a little skeptical though as there is no official confirmation on this so you will have to take this with a grain of salt.

According to, Jack Marston will be a character in the game. If you remember from the first game, Jack was John Marston’s son. He’ll apparently read a book of some of the things his father did in the past especially with a group of people he did certain things with.

There will apparently be flashbacks to this period as well where you’ll be able to play as some of these characters. Now as I said above, take it with a grain of salt because this information was supposedly leaked by a Rockstar insider. There is nothing official from the game company itself so far, so I will just wait until it’s officially confirmed.

I will have to say though it is an interesting concept and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if John’s son is in the game. It would actually kind of make since to have him return. I’m more skeptical of the flashbacks though, but that is not out of the realm of possibility.

I am curious to see if Rockstar will announce anything about the game at E3, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Rockstar has always been one to release game information at their time and choosing so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned and check back for any new information.

Now here’s something you might also want to check out. IGN has a whole page dedicated to the upcoming open world shooter known as Far Cry 5. It’s got all of the information, trailers, screenshots, and anything else that has been released so far and upcoming reveals of the game that will likely be happening at E3 next week so you definitely want to check it out.

Now that you know that new GTA content is coming next week, you can definitely get yourself prepared for it, by doing the various jobs and missions in the game to earn some extra money for the new weapons and vehicles that are part of the update.

2 thoughts on “New GTA Content Coming Next Week!

  1. Thanks for this post. I didn’t know new content was coming for GTA. I love these games especially GTA 5. I used to play this game all the time. This new content will get me hooked again!

    I go to a lot of gaming conventions with my brothers. The lady one I went to was XPO in Leeds where there were new and old arcade games such as Pac man.

    Very well written blog. Very easy to read.


    1. It’s just amazing the amount of support and content Rockstar gives to GTA 5. It is just a game you don’t want to stop playing and with 80 million units shipped worldwide, you can see why.

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