New GTA 5 Update this Week

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A brand new update for GTA 5 will be out this week, specifically on Tuesday. This one has me pretty excited as it introduces a new mode in the wildly popular Cunning Stunt Races. What is this mode I speak of?

It’s called Tiny Racers and it brings back the top down mode from the original or first Grand Theft Auto game. One of the neat things that this new game mode offers is that you’ll be able to use power-ups that can cause major damage to other players.

It’ll certainly give players nostalgia who played the first GTA game with the top down view. I certainly remember my time with it all those years ago and how much fun I had with it then when they did release it on the first PlayStation system.

The pending release of this update is just a great example of why you should buy GTA 5 if you haven’t already. Rockstar releases a lot of updates to try and keep the game fresh and exciting even if it’s just the online multiplayer portion of the game.

There have been rumors of a single player update coming, but nothing has officially been said by Rockstar about such an update at this time.

Once the Tiny Racers mode has been released, I plan to play it a decent amount to see how much money I can earn from those races. I’m trying to get my money in the game up to $10 million dollars as there are some things I really want to purchase.

Unfortunately, some of the stuff I want to purchase is locked because of I have to buy an executive office as well as own one vehicle warehouse.

The in game website known as Warstock Cache and Carry now has a vehicle that I want to purchase called the Ramp Buggy. If any of you have seen the 6th Fast and Furious film, you’ll have seen something similar to this in the movie as the main villain and his crew use this type of vehicle to cause mayhem to the heroes of the movie.

What it does is acts as a ramp of sorts that will cause other vehicles that head straight at it, to launch up into the air leading to a possible crash landing. The thought of using this in the game of GTA 5 against pedestrians and other players has me smiling with delight at the prospect of doing that type of carnage I just mentioned.

Ironically though I really haven’t seen many other players use this vehicle in the game and not entirely sure why, but nevertheless I still want to purchase it. It does have a hefty price tag at over $3 million dollars and over $2 million for a trade in.

Again though I have to meet certain conditions in order to purchase the vehicle which is to buy an Executive Office as well as own a vehicle warehouse. All of that has to do with one of the past updates where you can become a CEO and recruit others into your criminal empire.

The Executive Offices aren’t cheap especially if you want to stock them with certain things which can definitely bring the price tag well into the millions.

I do have enough money right now to purchase an Executive office, the problem is though I wouldn’t have much left over to buy the ramp buggy and it would take awhile to get back into the millions of dollars that I currently have.

My goal is to get to the $10 million mark as that would give me adequate money to buy those things and still maintain my money in the million dollar range.

I’m halfway there with a little over $5 million currently. I plan to showcase the various jobs, missions, and races that I do to reach my goal of $10 million so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out the trailer below from Rockstar of the Tiny Racers mode.

2 thoughts on “New GTA 5 Update this Week

  1. Hi Brian,

    This is some great info on GTA. I love GTA games and I had no clue about this update. This will really get a lot of gamers excited. I love how they threw in one of the Fast and Furious cars. I’m really looking forward to playing this. The Youtube video has really gotten me itching to play. Thanks so much for the great share!

    1. Hello Scott. I just cannot stop playing GTA 5! It is so addicting to me. The amount of updates the developer releases is incredible and I look forward to the Tiny Racers update which should be released today. You should definitely give this game a try.

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