GTA 5’s Firefighters

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It has been awhile since I posted an update, but I thought this would be a good one. Now we all know about the police in GTA V and how ruthless they can be when they chase you, but what about other emergency responders in the game?

You’ve got the paramedics and of course the firefighters and you will definitely see them around in the world of GTA V.

Someone has decided to make a video showcasing the firefighters in the game and the excellent work they do at putting out fires…..or do they? The video is quite hilarious as you watch them try to do what they were trained to do, maybe they just had a great lack of training.

You’ll see them do things such as accidentally set other pedestrians on fire, can’t figure out how to get over a curb, and more. The video is not mine and is from Meseri.

As for myself, I’ve seen other emergency responders do funny things. Long after a random pedestrian has been killed from whatever, an ambulance crew will show up and attempt to resuscitate the person, but of course too much time has passed and they are not able to do so.

They will then slowly walk back to their ambulance where I or another person will suddenly get in the ambulance. This apparently infuriates the ambulance crew as they quickly run back to the ambulance and will pull me out or the random pedestrian and begin punching or kicking.

I once did this with a different ambulance crew and a police car happened to drive by and the cop immediately stopped and got out of his car and went after the ambulance crew. They all fought each other, but the cop killed one of them and the remaining person from the ambulance ended up killing the cop and then ran off.

 In other news, Grand Theft Auto V is apparently being used to train driverless cars. See? Grand Theft Auto isn’t that bad after all. Ford and a few other companies are using the game to get their eventual self-driving cars to learn all kinds of different situations and Grand Theft Auto V really show cases the driving situations that can happen.

The nice thing about GTA V is that the game also has animals in it (in the single player version) and they will sometimes run out into the road similar to what animals sometimes do in real life. There are also weather variants, traffic signals and signs and more that it can learn from.

Hopefully this developing technology doesn’t decide to break the rules like what Grand Theft Auto allows you to do. I can’t imagine being in one of these self-driving cars in the future and all of a sudden it decides to run a red light and run over people on a sidewalk.

I would certainly hope that the automakers implementing this technology will also allow you to quickly take full control of the vehicle if something goes awry with the self-driving mechanics of the vehicle.

Enough of that though, enjoy the video below and post your comments.

2 thoughts on “GTA 5’s Firefighters

  1. Thanks for this post on GTA 5’s firefighters and for sharing the video. I needed a laugh. I love how the firefighters only use the fire extinguishers when there isn’t a fire. When there is a fire they just seem to run away from it. I especially liked the part when they used the fire extinguishers on captain America.

    1. Glad you liked the video! Yeah, it is pretty funny seeing some of the stuff the firefighters did in that video. I guess they deemed Captain America a fire hazard.

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