New Content to GTA V

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Rockstar has released some new downloadable content to GTA V. This time the DLC released contains lowriders. In the trailer that is shown, I must say that they look really nice especially with all the modifications you can to them.

From what I saw of the video, you can get custom paint jobs, engine modifications, booming speakers, and of course hydraulics. After all, it wouldn’t be lowriders if they didn’t have hydraulics that way you can bounce your car to the clouds (I’m kidding on the clouds part of course).

Other then the lowriders on this go round of dlc, Rockstar has added some other new stuff as well. According to Gamespot, there are free mode weapon pick ups, quick ammo restock option and changes to performance mod unlocks which is something I’ve really wanted. Previously, I have not been able to do any major performance modifications or upgrades because you have to unlock them by winning races. I hardly ever played any of the races and when I did I tended to come in last place.

Now you can access or unlock performance upgrades based on rank as well as how well you do in races. I have pretty have rank (just recently hit 125) so I hopefully will have access to these upgrades because I have been dying to upgrade some of the vehicles I have stored in my main garage at my condo.

I still think though that the other dlc that Rockstar added not too long in regards to the new free roam challenges offered more. I haven’t had any posts about the new free roam challenges, but I do have some planned later on down the road. I really haven’t taken part in many of them so far, but some of the challenges involve seeing how far you can fall without getting killed, how much monetary destruction you cause to vehicles in a certain time, the longest distance you can ride a motorcycle while doing a wheelie, and even more.

Going back to the lowrider content, I will definitely download it since it is free, but I probably will not get heavily into the lowrider vehicles. To be honest they just have never been my cup of tea, but I might try the various modifications that you can do to them to see what they look like. Who knows maybe Rockstar will release specific challenges you can do with lowriders in the future.

Check out the trailer for the new content over at Gamespot and give it a whirl. You’ll like the read of all the new stuff that has been added in conjunction the lowriders. Hope you enjoy the trailer!


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