Just Cause 3 New Trailer

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Just Cause 3′ new trailer is up at Gamespot, but really is more of actual gameplay and it lasts over 4 minutes. Let me tell you though that the actual gameplay shown in this video is intense. There is lots of action going on and it basically shows you just what your character is capable of.

For one thing, it shows great use of the wing suit. This is something new in the series and it should really add to the gameplay. I certainly cannot wait to try it out when I get this game. You’ll definitely see videos of me when I get the game and the insane stunts and action I will try to pull off. If anything, you’ll get a good laugh from my first foray into Just Cause 3.

The parachute makes its return as well as a plethora of weapons at your disposal. You’ll even get to see the character use enemy weapons against them especially when it comes to the enemy’s military vehicles and weaponry such as attack helicopters, jeeps, tanks and even fighter jets.

From what is also shown in the video, it looks like a lot of the open world environment that you’ll be able to cause so much mayhem in is destructible. There are so many large explosions shown that it kind of makes you wonder how any of the villages, towns, and cities will survive the craziness that can happen.

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts of Just Cause 3, the game takes place in a large open world version of a southern European country by the Mediterranean sea. The premise, which is similar to past Just Cause games, is that a dictator has imposed his rule over this country with force and intimidation and it is up to you to bring him down. I for one though cannot wait to explore the map because of the terrain and the developers have said that there will even be caves that you can explore.

This video was posted over at Gamespot so you should definitely check it out. If you haven’t preordered already you definitely should as the release date of the game as of right now is December 1st. I’m fairly certain this game will be a hot item this holiday season so you definitely should reserve yours today. I most certainly have. Head over to Gamespot now and enjoy the video! There should be more content shown at Gamespot as well as IGN as we approach the game’s launch.

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