When does Just Cause 3 Come Out?

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Just as the title says, you might be asking yourself when does Just Cause 3 come out? If you read my previous post you would’ve read that the release date is supposed to be December 1st. That’s not too terribly far away and just in time for the holiday season. Well now there has been even more good news released for Just Cause 3.

The game has officially gone gold!! For those who don’t know, going gold means the game has officially wrapped up development and will soon go into full production of game discs (and digital downloads) to be ready for its December 1st release date. I for one am ready for this game and have it preordered.

The news that the game has gone gold was from an article over at Gamespot. The article also mentions what will be in store for Just Cause 3 which is mainly future downloadable content. According to the article, there will be at least 3 pieces of major downloadable content based around air, land, and sea. The game’s developers have also hinted or teased that there could even be multiplayer in the future for the game although judging from the past games, I’m not going to hold my breath. I do think though that if they do plan a multiplayer aspect of it in the future and it is done right, it could really be fun.

One final thing that was also released today from the developers was a brand new panoramic video of Just Cause 3. It shows the character gliding over vast parts of the island with the wing suit in action as well as the parachute. It also shows some of the weapons you’ll be using to cause mayhem (to the bad guys of course). Now that we’re getting closer to the release date and the game has officially wrapped up development, it seems more info about Just Cause 3 is ramping up. Check out the video below (from GAME XL’s youtube channel, though officially released by the game’s developers).

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