New Batman: Arkham Knight details!

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Batmobile from 1989 Batman movie (image from Wikipedia)
Batmobile from 1989 Batman movie (image from Wikipedia)

With the game just months away from release, new details are slowly emerging about this open world game. This will probably be my next major game purchase as I am just salivating exploring Gotham City at my leisure.

In a recent interview GamingBolt did with game developer Rocksteady Studios, it was mentioned just how important the new Batmobile will play in the game. It will have two different modes that are called Pursuit Mode and Battle Mode.

Pursuit Mode basically gives you access to the afterburner and the ejector seat which will help you get across the city quickly, chase down suspects and hopefully outrun hostile forces according to Rocksteady Studios. Ever since I’ve watched Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, I’ve always wanted to play a Batman game where I can use the ejector seat and the other nifty gadgets and weapons at your disposal in the batmobile.

In Battle Mode, you get access to the batmobile’s turret which is the vehicle’s heavy weaponry. Other things mentioned about this mode is the use of other gadgets such as what is called the power winch and it can be used to manipulate the environment which also brings up Gotham City itself. It has been mentioned that the environment in Gotham City will be destructible so it will make use of the batmobile that much more exciting.

There also has been mention of other gadgets that Batman will use in the game such as what’s called the grapnel gun which is used to easily get up the many skyscrapers of Gotham City. It will definitely come in handy in case you are facing hordes of criminals and need a quick escape.

Some enemies that you will be facing in the game include Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, and the very dangerous Arkham Knight. The game does have a release date of June 2, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As you can see, the older systems are not going to be getting this game so definitely pick up a PS4 so you can play this wonderful open world game when it is released. You can read more at GamingBolt.

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