First Just Cause 3 trailer is out!

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Yes, you heard that right. A Just Cause 3 trailer is now out and it was released by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios early this morning. The name of the trailer is called Firestarter and has an awesome song playing throughout the trailer.

Most of the trailer seems to be of buildings and other things exploding and catching on fire that seem more CG rather than in game graphics with the possible exception being at the end of the trailer. Nevertheless, it has me very excited and I’m sure you all will be excited when you view this trailer. Check it out!

Also to note, GameSpot has released a really cool article about how this game can potentially make you a youtube superstar with the amazing possibilities offered in the game that it would make it seem straight out of a major action movie.

I can certainly imagine what kind of youtube movies I would be creating to share with fans of the games. With its massive open world and graphics kicked up thanks to the newer systems, the share feature on the PS4 will most certainly be used heavily in this game. I can’t wait to use the grappling hook in Just Cause 3 to perform some of these amazing stunts.

If you haven’t already seen some screenshots of Just Cause 3, you should check them out. The game already looks much more graphically impressive than its predecessors. It should have no problem reaching the standard 1080p resolution on the PS4.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Does it get you excited for the game and wanting to see more? It seems that there will be a long wait as at the very end of the trailer it says it will be out for the holiday season for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.  Nothing wrong with that is it gives the developers more time to polish the game and make it as fun as possible upon release. I’m certainly hoping that maybe later this year, they might release a beta of the game similar in style to how the game The Crew was done.

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