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Now that we are in the month of June and E3 is just months away, more and more info and teasers are starting to be released of upcoming games. We now know that a new Assassins Creed is coming, Far Cry 5 will be coming next year and there’s even news that The Crew 2 is coming.

Well now EA has joined the fray so to speak and released an image of its upcoming Need For Speed game. Now at first glance, the image doesn’t seem like much as you can only see the back end of a car and lots of clouds, but if you tone down the lighting of the clouds in the image, it reveals a city in the background.

What is interesting is what the city resembles. Some websites have speculated that the city will either resemble Seattle or Las Vegas because of the tower on the far right side of the image. The tower looks like the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas but also kind of resembles the Space Needle in Seattle.

It would be interesting if the city combined elements of the two cities, but that remains to be seen. Need Speed has never really used real world locations although some of their locales in the past take real world aspirations into their designs.

The last Need For Speed game that was released in 2015, had a city and surrounding area known as Ventura Bay. You can tell that the fictional city in the game was influenced heavily by cities from California especially Los Angeles since the city’s skyline heavily resembled it.

Need For Speed Teaser










The new game by EA should be open world, but it is being said that the game will not strictly be online play only like the last one was. There will be an offline mode apparently as well. That might be a good thing for those who don’t have the greatest of internet connections.

Other than the teaser and what has been said so far about the game, there’s just not much else. There will be car customization in it and police chases too.

The Need For Speed series has been around for a long time and I definitely remember it back on the original PlayStation when I was in my teens. Different developers have tried different things with the series with mixed results, some good and some not so good.

I’m just glad the series hasn’t been abandoned like some other titles from other developers such as the Midnight Club series from Rockstar or the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. We also cannot forget the Burnout series, but some of those developers have moved on.

EA has opted this time to give the new NFS game a longer development time instead of releasing it yearly like they had been doing up until 2015 which was the last time we saw a game in the series.

You’ll definitely want to check back as it has now been mentioned that there will be a full reveal of the game on Friday June 2nd which is tomorrow. There should even be a trailer released for the game so stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Brian! I have actually been a fan of gaming and one of my favourite games that dated all the way back when I was 8 was actually NFS most wanted! i really hope it will be as good as the name holds up to and really looking forward to that!

    1. Yes, I’m hoping the new Need For Speed will live up to its name. There will be a big reveal of the game today so stay tuned!

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