Need For Speed Game Of 2015 Is Here!

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After a two year wait, Need For Speed is back for 2015! The game was officially released this past Tuesday. I of course got my copy and I’m now starting to delve into the game. I haven’t gotten far enough into the game yet to give a review, but rest assured, it is coming. I will give some first impressions of the game, however.

First thing I want to mention before getting into my first impressions is that I got to see a small part of the beginning of the game before as I was accepted into their limited/closed beta back in early October. The first two cut scenes at the beginning I have seen before from the beta. The first scene is basically you driving a car with two other passengers and getting away from the cop that chases you.

After you get away from the cop and stop at a specific location, the guy in the front seat bails out when he hears sirens in the distance, afraid he is going back to jail since he is supposed to be on probation. The second guy (His name is Spike) jumps in the front seat and tells you how awesome you are with the drift you did and getting away from the cops. He wants to introduce you to some people at a club and so begins your first driving moment of the game.

All you have to do after this first cut scene is drive to the club and there is a gps that you follow to get there. I will have to say that the graphics are quite impressive and I like how the rain slicked streets and highways looks as you drive. The car models look really well and it is cool to see the reflections of signs and buildings from your car as you drive by.

There will be more to come when I get further into the game so that I can get a review on here. I’m liking it so far and as crazy as some of the people are in the cut scenes, I actually kind of like them. The handling, while arcady, has a touch of realism especially when it comes to drifting. I still have yet to get the drifting part down as that will be a big part of them game in the challenges that you face so I will definitely be getting some practice in that department. In the meantime, enjoy the video below of my first time playing the new Need For Speed!

Note: There isn’t any sound in the video because YouTube automatically muted it because of an audio track in the game that is copyrighted and has a claim going on from the copyright holder. This unfortunately is the downside of recording game clips to share with others on YouTube sometimes. Enjoy the visuals at least.


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