GTA V’s Rhino Tank

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In the last post I had about GTA V, I talked about the Hydra jet and how I use it and just what it is capable of. I love the jet fighter but need to spend more time with it to better utilize it especially against other players. What about on the ground though? What fearsome force is there if you don’t like flying? This is where GTA V’s Rhino Tank comes in.

The Rhino itself is not new to GTA. It has been used in past GTA games, but unlike past iterations of it, the Rhino tank in GTA V functions more like an actual tank as it uses actual tracks instead of wheels from the past versions. The tank contains a powerful cannon and it shows two machine guns, but the guns are unusable.

The Rhino is heavily armored and can take on even the most extreme of whatever the cops in the game can throw at you, but I do want to make one thing clear. While some past iterations of the tank were practically indestructible, GTA V’s version is NOT! Given enough hits from guns, it can be destroyed and anywhere from 3 to 6 rpgs can take it out. Let’s also hope that a Hydra is not on your tail as just a couple of missiles can take out the Rhino. It is fun though if you want to cause a lot of mayhem especially to other players.

Something else I like about the Rhino is how easily it rolls over other vehicles and crushes them, causing them to explode in the process. No matter what kind of barricades the cops set up in the game, you can blast your way through them with the tank’s cannon or just simply bulldoze your way through.

In a recent game I played online, I took out some other online players with ease all the while being chased by the cops as well. Now I did take quite a bit of fire and my tank definitely incurred some major damage so much so that a beeping indicating the tank has severe damage was increasing in frequency which let me know that I wouldn’t survive too many more hits and I noticed the smoke coming out the engine in the back of the tank. I plowed onto the freeway in the downtown section and found a nice hole on the side of the freeway that goes deep underground. My tank wouldn’t go too far into it so I jumped out and away I went. I was certain that it would be destroyed or one of the other players might try to steal it.

As I got away from the cops (my five star wanted level went away), I could see that my tank was still there on the map. I did not want to go back to it though as I knew it wouldn’t take much before it blows up. The nice thing about the vehicles you acquire, especially the ones that you can’t store in your garage, after a certain amount of time that you don’t use those special vehicles, Pegasus will take it back and store it automatically for you until you’re ready to use it again.

Now the Rhino becomes available online once you reach a rank of 70 and it costs $1.5 million from the game’s website Warstock Cache & Carry. You can also find the tank at Fort Zancudo, but good look trying to get one out of that heavily fortified military base. The Rhino is definitely the strongest of all the vehicles in the game and while not indestructible, will still give you plenty of survivability in a chaotic situation. The Rhino is probably the vehicle where I killed the most online players and kept me surviving longer. Enjoy the video below of me causing some mayhem in the game!

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