GTA V’s Hydra

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I want to go back and talk about GTA V’s Hydra. Yes, I have talked about it a little bit before in a previous post, but I really do like to use it when I can. It is one of the easier fighter jets to get access to in the online multiplayer part of GTA V and it seems a lot of people tend to use it as well. One thing about it is when you hear someone flying it in the distance and it sounds like it is getting closer to you, you’ll definitely want to take cover!

The Hydra is available for purchase only after you complete the Humane Lab Heists online and it has a $3 million price point from the in game website Warstock Cache & Carry. There is a Humane Lab Heist mission where you have to sneak aboard an aircraft carrier and steal one so you can get access to its EMP device for use later on in that particular Heist series.

Now you have to be the one leading the Heist missions, not just one to participate in (being invited to a Heist setup). If you’ve been leading/hosting the Heist missions and get past the Heist setup mission where you have to steal the Hydra from the aircraft carrier, it will then become available for you to purchase. As I mentioned earlier, the price tag for it is $3 million so hopefully you’ve done a lot of missions and challenges to save up some money.

You might be asking yourself “What happens or where does it go when I purchase it?” I myself had wondered this when I first purchased a different jet as I thought it would be located at the Los Santos International Airport. The first jet I had purchased is a training jet that is used at a flight school in the game. It can be fun to fly, but be warned it does NOT have weapons of any kind so if someone else is flying a Hydra and they decide to try and take you out of the sky, you’ll have no weapons to fight back with and you’ll need to do some pretty impressive maneuvers to get away from the Hydra’s homing missiles.

Anyway, going back to where the Hydra and other aircraft are at, I went to the Los Santos Airport to find my training jet, but had no luck finding it anywhere. It was then that I decided to ask around online as to where my aircraft would be at since I spent large sums of money purchasing them. I had created a post on a forum about GTA online asking about where the aircraft could be found and someone said you get them from the in-game business called Pegasus Lifestyle Management.

Pegasus is a business entity that holds onto the vehicles that cannot be stored in a garage that a player stores cars in. What you have to do is go to your contact list on the in-game cell phone and scroll until you find Pegasus. Your phone will automatically dial the number and then an automated voice will answer and you get a list of the vehicles you have and choose which one you want to use that will be delivered to the nearest predetermined location. Since I’m talking about the Hydra, that is usually the one I go with.

Hydra in Flight
Hydra in Flight

Now depending on where I’m at, it will be delivered in at least one of 4 places that I know of. One of them is the roof of a hospital, another is by a boat pier, a third place will be Los Santos Airport, and the fourth one depending if you’re this far out, will be in Blaine County at a small airstrip. Usually for me though it is delivered to the hospital. One thing I need to mention though is that whenever you have an aircraft or other special type of vehicle delivered by Pegasus, it will cost you $200. Since it does cost money, you’ll definitely want to be careful because other players in the game might follow you to steal it (if you don’t have it set to where strangers cannot enter a personal vehicle of your own) or they may try to destroy it.

I once went to pick it up at a small pier and was not paying attention to another player following me. Just as I was about to get into my Hydra, the player sniped and killed me and then took off with my jet. I was furious, but nothing I could do but try to take my own jet down. I didn’t have to get that far as the player really didn’t know how to operate it and ended up crashing it. The good news though is if your vehicle is destroyed or not able to be delivered, Pegasus will reimburse you the $200.

Something that I like about the Hydra is that it can take off and land vertically which eliminates the need for a traditional runway to take off. Once you take off vertically and are at an acceptable height, you can press the right directional button on the PS4 game controller and switch from vertical thrusters/engines, to horizontal ones and start flying. Now the Hydra (and other jets) in the game do not fly as fast as their actual real life counterparts and the developers intentionally slowed them down a bit because otherwise, you’d zoom through the game map in no time. Don’t get me wrong though, they are still fast, just not typical jet fighter fast.

Hard to see, but machine guns in use
Hard to see, but machine guns in use

As for the weapons of the Hydra, it comes with missiles from which you can switch between either homing missiles or regular missiles. The fighter jet also comes with a dual machine gun cannon you can switch to as well and let me tell you, the machine gun cannons definitely do some major damage just judging by how quickly I can destroy vehicles and other players on the ground. Something I do wish though is that the Hydra came stocked with counter measures. You’ll inevitably get into dogfights with other players who have the Hydra as well or stolen the game’s more modern jet from the military base in the game and you’ll definitely have to do some major flight maneuvering to avoid the missiles that are locked onto you. That’s why I think having electronic counter measures would add to the realism of the jets in GTA V.

If you haven’t flown any of the aircraft in GTA yet, especially online, then I definitely recommend you start doing the Heist missions to where you can get access to the Hydra as it is a cool jet to fly. Am I great at flying it? Definitely not as I need a lot more practice with it, but I am getting better. In the meantime, check out the video below of me flying a Hydra, taking out another player that was flying in a helicopter and me ending up crashing. If anything you might just get a kick out of it especially at the end of the video. Enjoy!

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