Need For Speed at E3

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It is that time of year again when many of the game publishers and developers come out to showcase some of the latest games that they have under development to get people excited at what’s coming.

You can bet that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will also talk about what they’ve got planned for the rest of the year and going into the following year as well.

Believe it or not things have already started to kick off and EA has already started showing what they’ve got in their arsenal of games. I must say there are a few that are a surprise and could be major hits.

The one game I’m looking forward to however is Need For Speed and EA has already started showing off some of the game via a demo at E3.

GameSpot has been able to get access to this and show a nice 12 minute video of what you can expect in the new NFS game coming out later this year. After watching the video myself, I can definitely say it has a Fast and Furious feel, but also has some elements that are kind of reminiscent of the Burnout series.

None of these are a bad thing and it could be a fresh new direction for the New For Speed series. The video even shows just a little bit of what the customization will be like which the developers have said will be the most extensive ever in the series.

What has been shown in the demo is the kind of stuff that will be common in the game. They show in a hot pursuit of a semi with certain cargo in it that you must retrieve. Of course there are henchman protecting the truck and will try to take you out. You must take them out in order to remain in pursuit of the semi.

This sequence takes place in the desert on an interstate highway where the semi and the characters you control are heading towards the Las Vegas type city. You must steal the cargo before it reaches the city and it doesn’t look easy.

After a certain amount of time, the player playing the demo is able to take out the other cars that are supposed to protect the semi and they eventually catch up with the semi where another cinematic happens that shows the cargo (a high end exotic car) barreling out of the back of the semi truck.

This is extremely reminiscent of the Fast and Furious movies, but mainly the 5th on where something similar happens except from a train and in Brazil instead of the United States.

Since EA pretty much kicked off E3, it will be interesting to see if they reveal anything else about Need For Speed Payback. I’ve always had a weak spot for most Need For Speed games so I’ll more than likely pre-order this game.

You’ll want to stay tuned as there will be even more announcements and demos coming and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe there will be a demo of Red Dead Redemption 2. In the mean time check out the article at GameSpot and a nearly 12 minute video of the NFS demo.

I’ve also posted another video below (which is from the YouTube channel Movie New) if you don’t want to watch the entire 12 minute video at the link above. Hope you enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Need For Speed at E3

  1. I can’t wait this game, i’ve noticed too by the trailer that this NFS is builded on the F&F scenes, i’m curious what we got from the full game, whats changed since the last NFS, i mean textures, cars, game-engines, etc.

    In my opinion this will be the craziest NFS game what EA makes, but now we can just only wait and hope!

    1. Need For Speed payback will be an interesting game for sure. I can’t wait for it personally as the graphics looked improved from the last game 2 years ago and I thought the graphics back then were really good for it.

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