My GTA V Military Vehicles

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There are a number of vehicles in GTA V and nearly all of them can be used or owned by you especially in multiplayer. There are some special vehicles however, that provide some serious muscle should the need ever arise when you need to take out other players in free roam or missions become available where they can be used and in GTA V they are military vehicles. I have a few of these special vehicles or modes of transportation which I will go over especially some of their strengths and weaknesses. I do want to note though that some of them I just recently acquired so I am not the greatest at using these vehicles yet, but they are certainly fun to use.


My character approaching the Besra
My character approaching the Besra

This is the first jet/airplane I was able to buy and it definitely was not cheap. This really becomes available to you after you start doing the flight training, specifically the one where you use a training jet to fly in different formations. It is a jet, but it is not an armed fighter so hopefully no other players decide to fly after you with a heavily armed Hydra jet or an attack helicopter. This jet is good for purposes of getting to a point on the map fast if you don’t want to drive there or just to get your flying stats up. It is a fun jet to fly and I’m glad I ultimately did buy it. If you’re good at flying and you’re being chased by someone with a Hydra, you can dodge the missiles they shoot at you. I will post some videos of me in action with the Bersa soon.


The Rhino causing destruction
The Rhino causing destruction

This is the games heavily armored and dangerous tank and has been a staple of the Grand Theft Auto series. I will never forget how dangerous the tank was in GTA III especially if you managed to get to six stars and had the army after you. The Rhino becomes available in the game’s website called Warstock Cache & Carry and it costs $3 million in single player mode and $1.5 million in multiplayer. It has a destructive cannon and two guns that unfortunately are not able to be used (maybe they’ll change this in a future update). It resembles a real life tank and uses actual tracks and can easily run over cars. The tank however, is NOT indestructible and trust me when other players have powerful weapons such as rpgs and homing missiles, a few of those will eventually take out the tank.

I have certainly had a blast with the Rhino blowing up cars and running them over and taking out the cops that come after you. It can generally take 4 to 5 stars before the cops will eventually bring you down with the tank. If you have the funds for it and it is available for you to buy, I would say to do it. You won’t regret it and it can be a safe net for you if you ever get a bounty on you and other players are coming after you in free mode. Be warned though, that anyone flying the Hydra can easily take it out from the air with its homing missiles and large machine guns.


Approaching the Hydra
Approaching the Hydra

The Hydra is probably among the deadliest of all modes of transportation in the game and a very effective weapon to use against opposing players in free mode. In the game the Hydra is known as a 40 year old British jet, but it is still a highly effective fighter jet and is capable of vertical take off making the use of a runway unnecessary. It armed with homing missiles with the ability turn them off from locking onto a target and be fired regularly. The Hydra is also armed with two large machine gun cannons capable of taking out nearly any vehicle in the game even with the strongest armor. I still have to get used to it fully, but it is fun to fly and it is great to use its weapons to take out any other planes and helicopters in the air. You can get into some crazy dog fights with other players that have a Hydra as well.

The Hydra becomes available for purchase one you do the Humane Lab Heists and it costs $3 million to buy on the website (in-game) Warstock Cache & Carry. If you forget to take the jet out of the mode for vertical lift off, sometimes you can be a sitting duck for those players who are armed with rpgs or have Hydra jets themselves. One thing I do need to mention is with all the military vehicles I mentioned, should you ever have them destroyed, you can always get them back (as long as you purchased them) when you call the company in the game called Pegasus. It does cost $200 though each time they deliver either one of those so definitely make sure you have a good amount of funds before you use them a lot.

Another thing I do want to mention too is that the Hydra Jet is not the only jet fighter in the game. The game’s main military base, Fort Zancudo, has a jet fighter (supposedly more modern than the Hydra) called the P-966 Lazer . Fort Zancudo is the only place you can get them and it is generally hard to get in there and still one as the base will usually go on immediate alert as soon as you get on their grounds. It is supposedly slower than the Hydra, but just as heavily armed and dangerous so this is another jet to be wary of. It is not available for purchase in multiplayer and can only be stolen for them time being.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my descriptions of the military vehicles I now have access to in multiplayer for GTA V. They are fun to use and house very powerful weapons to defend yourself should the need ever arise when other players come after you. Most of these are very expensive so again, make sure you have the funds to buy them.

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