My Experience With GTA 5’s Latest Update

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One of Rockstar’s biggest updates in awhile was released earlier this week. I talked a lot about their Gunrunner update and what it will add to the multiplayer experience of GTA V.

Getting into the illegal arms trade sounds like a fantastic idea in the game and there are a whole host of new weapons and systems to use from this update.

One of the first things you need to do in order to fully participate in this update is that you need to purchase an underground bunker in the game. They are spread out across the map, but all are outside city limits.

I ended up buying one near the base of Mt Chiliad. It is near the river and also where the railroad tracks cross that specific river.

The underground bunker is quite big and I had it equipped with quite a bit of stuff including a shooting range and more. I even bought a mobile command unit which is a large semi with multiple bays/trailers.

Now with purchasing all of this, it took nearly all of my money. Before the Gunrunner update, I had nearly $6 million dollars. After all of my purchases, I only had $250,000. As you can see, it is definitely quite expensive, but once I get everything up and running from my bunker, I hope to start turning some profits.

This is where the gunrunning update starts to get quite interesting. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the purpose is to get into the illegal arms trade, by creating and modifying weapons systems and selling them across Los Santos and other areas.


It is going to take some time to do that because you have to get supplies, have a team do research, and manufacture different weapons. In order to start getting these things done, you have to register as a VIP or CEO and for myself to do that, I had to purchase an office so that I could register as a CEO. More money down the drain, but hopefully for a good cause in the long run.

Once I’m up and running as a CEO, I head back to my bunker and begin working on my gun running business. First thing’s first though, I have to go and get supplies. I go on a supply run mission to bring back to my bunker which seems easy enough especially since I’m in a lobby by myself and don’t have to contend with other players.

I go to an area in Blaine County that’s marked on my map and await instructions. Soon I get information that supplies I need are in helicopters flying to a certain point and that I need to shoot them down before they reach their destination.

There are a number of helicopters so I’m not able to get all of them, but I managed to shoot down at least 3 of them with my rocket launcher. Some of the supplies however, drop almost right in the middle of a lake and so I have to swim out there to retrieve them.

Seems easy enough right? Wrong! As soon as I swim out there and retrieve one of the supplies, since there are no boats or watercraft around, I start swimming back to shore, but enemy helicopters armed to the teeth hone in on my location and begin firing. Of course I’m defenseless since I don’t have access to my weapons in the water.

I do what I can to try and avoid their weapons fire, but it is to no avail and I end up getting killed with the supplies going back in the water!

When I respawn, I have to go back out into the lake and pick up the supplies again and also I have to deal with those pesky attack helicopters. I’m killed once more and have to go back into the lake. The good thing is though, each time I’m going back in the lake to retrieve the supplies, I’m closer to the shore so I don’t have to go as far.


I finally get to a point where I’m able to make it to shore and I’m angry by this point and I make darn sure to let those enemy helicopters know about it!

I get my rocket launcher out and take them out in fiery explosions. I get in my car and head back to the bunker, but more helicopters are on my tail. I’m not worried though as I’m in a heavily armored vehicle that can withstand a lot of enemy fire and I make it back to the bunker intact.

Once I’m there, it is time to start assigning work with the supplies that I have. I go to the laptop and start having people work on both research and manufacture of weapons. Right now this is a slow process and I notice that a bar titled supplies starts to slowly decrease, but I still have enough to last a bit so not too worried about that.

The research bar however starts to increase and I also notice my business’s value is starting to go up. I decide it’s time to start selling some of the weapons that have already been made from supplies I picked up and I end up going with the sale of $7,500 dollars worth of weapons. I know that’s not much at this point, but I wanted to get a feel for what it’s like to sell weapons in this game from the new update.

I end up choosing to sell them in the Los Santos area and I take a massive monster truck to various drop off points near the city. The monster truck is to try and save time so that I can get across the rugged terrain and make it to all of the drop off points in time. There is a time limit to make it to all of them so I don’t have time to mess around with anything else.


Unfortunately, I also have to deal with rival arms dealers who send in attack copters after me. Now that I’ve got my full arsenal of weapons and don’t have to deal with getting supplies out of a lake, I make short work of those helicopters, but more keep coming. Fortunately I’m able to make it to all the drop off points in time and collect my money.

Next time though I plan on waiting until I get higher in value on the weapons I sell to make more money, but I’m sure it will get tougher the higher in value they are as I would be a major target. There is my mobile command center in my bunker though that I still have to mess with and get some upgrades to it.

That will take time though as I definitely need more money for that and I want to get all the new weapons and vehicles that come with the gunrunner update.

I did do one more supply run where I had to steal a tank and bring it back to my bunker. That was not easy, but I didn’t die as many times as I did in the previous supply run. I was able to even get a helicopter and attach a hook to the tank and fly it back to my bunker, but of course I was chased by other helicopters in the air, though I was never shot down.

Well folks, that’s my experience with the Gunrunning update so far. As I said, this is a long process and will probably get more challenging in the long run, but hopefully more rewarding with much higher payouts. Stay tuned for my updates on my further experiences with this. In the meantime, check out the video below of my arrival to the bunker for the first time (WARNING! There’s some bad language in the video).  


2 thoughts on “My Experience With GTA 5’s Latest Update

  1. This is a great review on the new GTA 5 update. I also agree that the amount of money you have to spend on this update is crazy. I also had a bankroll in the millions and after making all of the purchases I found myself in the thousands lol. What do you find is bringing in the most money for guns?


    1. Hi there Shawn. You it is crazy how you can burn through money very easily with this update. I’m still learning and experimenting with the update so not sure yet which brings in the most money. I will keep trying though and let you know in a future update!

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