Mafia 3’s Missions

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I’m really enjoying Mafia 3 despite a lot of the criticism of some aspects of the game. Sure, there’s a little bit of repetitiveness in some parts of the game, but for me it is nothing that takes away from the overall whole of Mafia 3 and honestly what game does not have some repetitive things these days?

One of the things I’m really liking are the missions and I must say that Mafia 3’s missions when it comes down to the main story are just superb.

I really love how they are structured and it just makes me feel like I’m watching a major movie about organized crime and how one person plans on taking down the mob. The narrative in which it is done is simply amazing and you really don’t see that in games these days especially in games with an open world nature.

I’m still working on a proper review of Mafia 3, but I just wanted to talk about some of the missions here. I really like how the game first opens up (read my first impressions) and how you’re introduced to the game’s main character.

As I’ve said before, you’re introduced to the main character through the narrative of another major character in the game. You get to hear about some of Lincoln Clay’s back story such as returning from the Vietnam War, how he’s gone down a certain path, and why he wants to take down the main mob in New Bordeaux.

In the early missions, you get to see all that as you’re introduced into some of the major gameplay elements. You start to see who the major players are, who you can trust and who cannot be trusted.

I love the fact that you get to form your mob so to speak and take over territory through side missions. This is where a lot of reviewers online complain about repetitiveness. Some of the tasks and side missions you do can get a little but mundane, but I’ll get into more detail on that in my full review of the game.

Another thing that goes along with narrative of the story of Lincoln Clay is that not only does someone whose close to this main character start off the game by talking about Lincoln Clay and the path he starts going down, but you also get to see snippets of other people such as what looks like an FBI/CIA official being questioned about the things Lincoln Clay has done in taking down the mob in New Bordeaux (New Orleans).

You also get to see pictures of people and places on the wall as some of this stuff is taking place which kind of gives you a hint of things yet to come in the game. I like that a lot of reviewers praise this part of the game as it just makes it shine and just draw you in.

Keep checking back for more stuff about Mafia 3 and my full review of the game soon. For those of you that have it and have played it already, what are your thoughts on the game? Is it what you hoped for or just didn’t quite live up to the hype? What did you think of the missions and story?

2 thoughts on “Mafia 3’s Missions

  1. I’m really glad I came across your website. I am a big fan about videogames. I have Play Station 4, but mostly I play sports like nba2k or Pro Evolution Soccer. But I will definitely consider to try out Mafia 3 because it seems like really interesting and fun game.

    1. Hi there Karlo! Yeah I really like Mafia 3 and this is actually the first time I’ve ever played a Mafia game from the series. I think they’ve done an overall good job on it especially when it comes to the story and also the time period that the game takes place in.

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