New GTA V Update On The Way

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Now that Rockstar has released all the latest biker content for the Grand Theft Auto V, what will be coming up next? It looks like we’ve got an answer and I’m definitely interested in the content that’s coming.

The new GTA V update that’s on the way soon will be called Import/Export which will involve stealing cars, but just not any type of car. According to GameSpot, it has to do with “high-volume exotic car theft”. Here’s some more info from GameSpot regarding the new update:

Expanding on the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony add-on, Import/Export adds a “whole new series of criminal pursuits” for players,Rockstar said in its announcement. The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion introduced the ability to become a CEO and run an organization. With Import/Export, you’ll be able to obtain, customize, and resell some of the game’s highly sought-after cars for “big profits.” It sounds like this won’t be easy.

“It will take talent, coordination, and the tactical use of some brand-new special vehicles to get the job done, all while staying one step ahead of the police and rival challengers from across the city and countryside,” Rockstar said.

I’ve messed around a little bit on the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony content and it is very interesting to say the least. It can get crazy when you take out a CEO and the people who are supposed to protect him/her go after you in retaliation.

I do need to go further into it though to try out all the missions activities that take place in it and I certainly would like to be CEO and have an office inside one of the large skyscrapers in the game.

I’m certainly glad that this is a further add on to that particular content. I definitely like the idea of stealing very exotic cars in the game and potentially getting lots of cash for it, but it does sound like with will be challenging too and it is being hinted that you’ll have to use special vehicles to commandeer these exotic cars.

To me it seems like an extension of finding cars for one of the characters in the game and fixing them up and then delivering them for cash. Some of the vehicles are hard to find, but with this new expansion it sounds like it will definitely be even more challenging as other people will come after you and having to try and get away from the cops.

It sound like though you will be handsomely rewarded for stealing these cars, I just wonder if though if you’ll be able to keep them for yourself, but judging from the past, it is more likely that you’ll have to buy them.

There’s no firm date as to when this will be released, but I’m betting it will be before the end of the month/year as it will probably be the last major update for GTA V this year. Make sure to check back for further updates and new info that might come along.

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