GTA V Quarry

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I want to talk about some other interesting and fun areas in GTA V’s large map. We all know about the large city of Los Santos, but there are some cool places outside of the city limits and I want to take a look at some of them.

I’ll be talking about GTA V’s Quarry today and the stuff you can do in it or find there. The official name in the game is called the Davis Quarry. It’s not far off the highway and fairly close to Sandy Shores. You can maybe make a detour there if you’re heading to say Mt. Chiliad.

I’m sure most know what a quarry is, but if you don’t, no worries because I’ll mention it. Now a quarry is generally an open pit or mine which can be quite large and deep.

Certain types of stone, sand and gravel, or slate is what’s generally extracted from these open pits. I know of two of them in the county I live in. Unless you are authorized to be there, you generally want to stay away because they usually do blasting of some kind using either dynamite or TNT or a combination of the two.

There’s usually all kinds of different equipment used such as excavators and very large dump trucks that are not normally out in the public because of how big they are. They wouldn’t be able to fit under most over passes and probably would bring down some power lines.

Getting back to GTA V, the Davis Quarry fits everything I mentioned above that makes up a working quarry. In the video below, you’ll see me drive out there and do some cool jumps with the motorcycle I’m on, but I manage to find one of those VERY huge trucks that I decide to take for a joyride.

One thing you’ll notice when I drive into the Davis Quarry, the gate opens up for me and you’ll see a bunch of their workers standing around. In the game they get angry pretty easily so I decide to just leave them alone and drive into the quarry to have some fun and see what I can find.

As you can see from the image at the top, I do find one of those giant trucks and take it for a leisurely drive. I do eventually drive it back into the city where….things get interesting. I cause some mayhem though on the freeway heading into Los Santos so I have myself to blame on the heat that I brought upon myself.

Now there’s not really a whole lot more to the quarry, but fortunately there are some missions in the game that take place there, both online and offline.

The offline mission is part of the Bail Jumper series and you play as Trevor in the first mission which requires you to go to the quarry. It’s a fairly easy mission as once you get to the bottom of the pit, you’ll see a guy standing next to a vehicle which is next to the giant dump truck. As soon as he spots you, he scrambles to get into his car to get away, but all you have to do is run up to the vehicle and pull him out.

After that you’ll want to point a gun at him as he’ll then put his hands up and then he’ll follow you and you can bring him in for money. You can bring him in dead or alive.

There’s another one, but it’s online and it has to do with the Heist missions. I’ve only done this particular one a few times, but it involves stealing very heavily armored vehicles from Merryweather and bringing them to a specific location.

It is certainly not an easy one and you definitely want the help of other players when doing this one. The name of the vehicles you’re trying to confiscate are called Insurgents. Now when you arrive at the quarry, you’ll see it is very heavily patrolled by well armed Merryweather guards especially at the bottom of the open mine where the insurgents are.

I’ve stormed down there before with guns a blazing and things got chaotic very quickly. I certainly died multiple times that way, but made it out once as I and a few other players managed to take out most of the armed guards.

Of course you could opt for a more silent method by using sniper rifles if you don’t prefer the guns blazing approach which honestly is probably the better thing to do in this case.

Once you’re able to get the insurgents out of the quarry, then it becomes a race to get them where they need to go as you’ll be chased by Merryweather agents hell bent on either getting those heavily armored vehicles back or destroying you.

If you’re able to successfully complete this mission online and have done the heist missions in order, you’ll have those insurgents available for purchase in the game. I haven’t bought any of them yet, but with the money I have, you better believe I plan on purchasing those at some point.

Well there you have it, some good reasons to visit GTA V’s quarry, better known as the Davis Quarry. If you’re on a motorcycle and want to have fun doing some incredible jumps, the quarry is a great place to do that. Want to steal a giant dump truck and bring it into the city? You can certainly do that as well though I do want to mention the best time to take one of those is during the day in the game.

I went there at night thinking the dump trucks would be at the bottom of the pit abandoned, but alas they were not there so after doing some Cunning Stunt races, I came back during the day and sure enough there was one there at the bottom.

Something else I forgot to mention is that this truck is not fast at all. When I drove it down the highway heading to Los Santos, I definitely held up traffic, but I must say it was fun backing up over all the vehicles behind me. I did it too much though and eventually the cops came after me.

Check out the video below and you’ll get to see me with the giant beast of a dump truck heading down the freeway. It is worth going to the Davis Quarry once in awhile and as I said above, a couple of the missions in the game do take place there. Hope you enjoy it!




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  1. Oh, man, GTA 5 is freaking huge. That’s the reason I haven’t played it yet – hell, I haven’t even played GTA 4, lol. You know, I’ve become really afraid of open-world games since I played Skyrim – I just feel so lost in them.

    How long does it actually take to find everything in this game? A couple of years?

    Don’t get me wrong, though, the game looks amazing – I just watched your video and thought for the thousandth time how realistic it all looks and feel. I’ll probably try it out one day 🙂

    1. Hi there Dmitriy! You should definitely give GTA 5 a try. This game is simply amazing and the support Rockstar continues to give this game makes it worth playing over and over again. I can’t tell you how long it takes to find everything in the game because I haven’t found everything in the game, lol!

      Glad you like the video and I’ve got more at my site so don’t be afraid to check them out.

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