GTA Five Downloadable Content Leaked?

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As most everyone knows, the latest downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto V was recently released. The much anticipated GTA Online Heist missions are finally available and first impressions and reviews have been very positive. With the online Heist missions available, Rockstar has slashed the price of GTA V (at least in the UK) and may have inadvertently released some details of the next DLC (downloadable content) within the latest update which is 1.21.

According to the website Express, there are reports that with the latest update to the game, the next DLC will contain gambling of some sort. There could be a casino that can finally be accessed as well as some kind of lottery and possibly car betting. Whether this will be related to the single player DLC that has been promised remains to be seen. As always, these are just rumors and nothing official has been released by Rockstar at this time regarding future downloadable content.

I certainly think it would be a good addition to the game to have casino access. Red Dead Redemption had some form of gambling in it via card games so it is definitely within the realm of possibility that Rockstar could add that to GTA V. I for one though want to know more about the planned single player content that is supposed to be coming,

Most of the content released thus far has been to the online side of GTA V only which is fine since so many people do play the game online. I overall prefer single player and love the three characters you can play as in the game. I’ve always wanted to see more content added for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor and I believe Rockstar has been hard at work to make anything new for these characters just right. Trevor I believe has the funniest and craziest dialogue of all three and can’t want to see what dialogue will be added for this character that will have me rolling laughing!

In some other crazy GTA news, according to ITV Report, two adult siblings had a dispute regarding the game of GTA V (or one of the other GTA games) and police were called to the residence. It all seemed to stem from a dispute regarding the killing of one of their characters in the game. A game should never lead to quarreling like that especially if the police have to be called out. Time to step back from game playing for awhile if they make you that upset when your game character is killed.

What do you want to see in future downloadable content? Do you prefer more online content or are you ready for some single player content? Definitely feel free to post your thoughts on this or anything else regarding Grand Theft Auto V.

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