Batman Arkham Knight Release Date PS4 Change and Other News!

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The title says it all, the Batman Arkham Knight release date for PS4 has changed or been delayed according to PC Gamer. The good news though is that it is only delayed a couple of weeks and is still slated for a June release. Instead of June 2nd it is now going to be on June 23rd. Since this is the last game in the Arkham series, the developers have said that they want it to ensure it meets expectations and more. Because of the delay announcement, the developers have also released a new video that shows the gameplay of Arkham Knight being played on a PS4. I must say that this game looks fantastic and I’m sure the delay will be well worth it. Check it out!

There is some other exciting Arkham Knight news as well! Game Rant has said that a new listing from Amazon has revealed downloadable content for Batman Arkham Knight. It is revealed that Harley Quinn will be a playable character from the DLC. That is good news as people have been wanting to see how she had handled the Joker’s death in the previous game. I for one can’t wait to see what other role she will have in the overall story arch of the game. In case it hasn’t already been mentioned, some other DLC that will be coming to the game is called Red Hood and will be a GameStop exclusive. Those familiar with the comics will know who Red Hood is.

Just Cause 3 News

There is some exciting information concerning the release of this ambitious open world game. There will be a collector’s edition of this game that you can pre-order and the developers of this game are allowing fans to choose what will be included with the collector’s edition. All you had to do was go to the official Just Cause website and cast the vote of which items they had to choose from that you wanted to see included. Items ranged from a mini art book to a recreated grappling hook.

It looks like though the voting period for that has ended. It should be announced soon as to what the collector’s editions of the game will include. The developers are still aiming for a release date around the holidays so definitely check back for any new updates that are sure to come out before then. There should be some game play video released soon and if the screenshots are any indication, this will be a very beautiful looking open world game!

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