GTA 5’s Survival Mode has gotten Tougher!

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In order to earn some money in GTA 5’s online multiplayer, my favorite thing to do are the survival modes. There are different ones scattered about the map, but my most favorite one to do is El Burro Heights.

I talked about the El Burro Heights survival mode awhile back which you can read about here. It has always been the one I go to when I need to build up some money in the game because it usually means an easy $30,000 if I complete all 10 rounds.

I’m trying to build up some more money in the game as there is a particular item I really want to get which will make driving in traffic really interesting to say the least.

In the past I’ve known how the enemies will spawn in this particular survival job as well as the best places to take cover especially for the later rounds when the enemies (Merryweather) sport heavier firepower.

This time however, there seems to be a little bit of a change of tactics by the enemy which has caught me off guard and caused me to get killed in the later rounds say anywhere from rounds 7 through 10. I could normally beat this challenge by myself, but because of the changes the enemy seems to have made, it certainly has made it tougher.

For one thing, some of the enemy now take cover or refuge in a certain area instead of coming directly after you. This makes it a challenge because when I’m doing the rounds in which the helicopters appear and I head out into the open to try and take down the choppers, this is where the enemy will suddenly take me out, sometimes unexpectedly because I either forget they are there or they go in and out as blips on the map.

This is the spot


This is definitely cause for frustration as it has been a challenge to complete all 10 rounds now without getting killed or having other players get killed as well when they join me in this fight. Now I don’t know if this changed because of a recent update to the game, but I cannot always count on an easy $30,000 from this one like I could in the past.

So what am I to do? Try and change tactics up a bit which is starting to work. Since I know a few of the enemies now like to congregate around a particular dumpster and a couple of crates, I’m now laying sticky bombs in that area to take them out so that they are not always killing me and other players.

I’ve also noticed some spawn points have changed slightly too, but I think it has more to do with how other players including myself are spread out in this particular area. I know the area where I usually hide out in or take cover is where they are suddenly spawning sometimes.

I have to throw out sticky bombs at them in order to avoid being shot at by them since they spawned so close to me. This will usually do the trick, but a lot of them do appear starting around round 6 or so.

Now I do have to say that since I’ve made some adjustments, I have been able to beat the entire thing a little bit more now, but it also depends on how the other players do as well or how many of them are in that survival challenge with me.

Usually if there are two others in there with me, I have a much better chance of surviving, but if there is one other person only and depending how good they are, it certainly can be more challenging. The other survival area that I tend to play a lot too is Sandy Shores.

Not really much has changed with that one and I’m still pretty successful in going through all ten rounds and getting $30,000. It may not seem like much money compared to how much some of the things cost in the GTA 5 world, but trust me it does add up and I’m on my way to $4,000,000. 

Has anyone tried the El Burro Heights survival mode recently and noticed the change from the enemy that I described above? Does it seem a little bit more difficult to successfully beat because of where the enemy will sometimes congregate?

Below is a recent video of one of my go rounds in the survival mode at El Burro Heights. I’m actually successful in this one, but it is a little bit challenging. I definitely have to give credit to the other players who were there with me as I couldn’t have done it without them.

2 thoughts on “GTA 5’s Survival Mode has gotten Tougher!

  1. This is awesome!
    I completely love the GTA games. However, I do not have a ps4 as such but my brother does.
    He does in fact, have the GTA5 game, and when I next link up with him I’ll ask if he knows about the El Burro Heights in the survival mode. I’m sure he should, I will also share this post and forward it to him.
    I’ve seen your video, you look a real professional killing them all. Lol.

    1. Hi Amar! Yeah, I’m definitely curious if your brother has tried the El Burro Heights survival challenge. Thanks for saying I look like a professional, lol. It’s taken a lot of practice, but I really like that particular survival challenge and have gotten good at it overtime even though recently it has become a little bit more challenging.

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