Even More New GTA DLC!

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Yes, you heard that right folks! Rockstar just keeps on going when it comes to this game. There is now even more new GTA dlc (downloadable content) coming and I just not too long ago mentioned about a new game mode that Rockstar said was also being released. I just love it as it keeps the game fresh, well the online multiplayer part of it anyway.

According to Gamespot,  the next big update to the online multiplayer part of GTA V is called Executives and Other Criminals. There is just a TON of new stuff coming with this update that includes new apartments, exotic and extravagant homes, new luxury vehicles, new game modes, new weapons, new missions, and more! You’ll be able to be hired as a bodyguard that can earn money and be a body guard to other players!

This is why it is hard to ever become bored or get tired of GTA V. They keep coming out with new stuff to keep it fresh and fun and make it challenging and interesting. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet of their last big release of the low-rider downloadable content, what with all the new vehicles, missions, and weapons that came with it! One thing that was mentioned though is that this content is only coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA V and not the PS3 and Xbox 360.

It looks like Rockstar is pretty much abandoning the older systems, but I don’t blame them since the newer systems have been out for a few years now and people have had plenty of time to get these game systems. If you haven’t gotten a PS4 now and have been on the fence of buying GTA V for the system, this is all the more reason to pick one up now especially with all the great deals and bundles going on for the system just before Christmas.

If you want to check out more about this upcoming content release for the game, go and read the full article here. With so much new content that Rockstar has released this year for GTA V, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2016. I’m sure the developer wants us to keep playing the game as they go into development of the next full game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Always check back here for new updates for GTA V and other open world games!

8 thoughts on “Even More New GTA DLC!

  1. wow great article mate! Actually better yet, you and I are doing the same niche somewhat! I haven’t really played grand theft auto V but I used to be in love with the series! I still play gta san andreas from time to time haha. as a kid I could never beat any of the GTA games except grand theft auto iv. What about you defiant?

    1. I’ve been a fan of the series from the very beginning although I didn’t beat any of the games (if that means only completing the story and not getting a full 100% in the game) until Grand Theft Auto III. GTA III and San Andreas have probably been two of my favorite GTA games for the fact of crazy cheat codes you could put in two of which is the weapons and riot cheats. Put the code in to give pedestrians weapons and then put the riot code in and watch all the chaos ensue!! It was always great fun to see how long you could survive!

      You know, I just realized I never did finish the entire story in GTA IV. Kinda makes me sad, lol! I must go back someday and complete it if I can ever force myself to go back to the Xbox 360 again, hehe! You really should play GTA V. I’ve been having such a blast with it especially the online part of it. It just never gets old (unless you’re one who gets killed a lot by other players!)

  2. I don’t think i’ll ever get bored of Gta; it’s literally one of the best games out there. Before you even have a chance to get bored they’re adding new stuff! Rockstar are really great like that I think. Executives and Other criminals sounds good and I’m really excited for it to arrive. Until then I’ll just have to keep doing heists! Great piece written very well. Enjoyed reading

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah there’s just no way to get bored with GTA these days. Rockstar is even getting ready to release stuff this weekend for Valentines Day! There are rumors that there’s a big casino release coming soon for GTA V. There’s just so much stuff coming and so much stuff in the multi-player part of this game that I’ll never tire of it.

  3. Awesome, this made an interesting and fun read. As a fan on the GTA series myself it’s fantastic to see Rockstar Games producing new content to keep their gamers happy. Seen as new GTA games tend to take a while to produce, it’s very nobel of them using methods to keep their players happy. I would be made if they made a super game and somehow interlocked all of their other maps across games. San Andreas was my all time fav, probally due to my age at the time and how well develped the game was for its era.

    1. Hi there Boss Body!! Glad to hear you liked reading the article! It just shows that Rockstar really cares about the fans of their most popular series. It seems Rockstar will support this game for some time to come or at least until the next game in the series is released.

  4. Not really a fan of the GTA series but I have played Vice City before a couple of times. And this is actually good to hear. Gamers nowadays can literally finish a game in one or two days compared to before where it could take at least a week. New content, whether DLC or not, should always be implemented from time to time. And I totally agree that doing so will keep the game fresh and the players playing.

    1. Hello Dredd. Yes, I agree that DLC keeps the game fresh, but what makes GTA V and its developer really cool is that the downloadable content is free!! Other developers have you usually paying for downloadable content, but not Rockstar. That’s why I keep going back and playing GTA V.

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