New GTA 5 News!

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It has been a little while since I’ve mentioned anything new in regards to this game, but there is actually some new GTA 5 news circulating out there! If you like playing GTA V’s online multiplayer mode, then you are in for a treat! According to Cnet, a new online mode for the game is coming out for the current generation of systems and not the previous ones.

The name of this new mode is called “Every Bullet Counts” and looks to be intense just like the article says. Here’s a little snippet of it: “With no safe place to hide, four players go up against each other in a confined space with a very limited arsenal: just one marksman pistol and two bullets to take out three opponents. Tactics are key here–once players have exhausted their ammo, they’ll need to resort to crafty melee attacks with their Hatchet or Machete to make it out alive. Campers and lurkers be warned, though: anyone staying still for more than 5 seconds will have their blip revealed on the map, making them an easier target for enemies who are wisely moving from cover to cover.”

If you want to read the rest of the article, check it out here, but there’s not much more to it. Rockstar has just done an amazing job of releasing great content to keep GTA 5 going and the developer shows no signs of slowing it down either. The fact that pretty much all of this downloadable content is free makes it one of the best free roaming games to play so far this generation. The last major update I downloaded from Rockstar for the game was the new low-rider content. I haven’t done any of the new missions that came with it, but I do have one awesome low-rider stored in one of my garages.

Definitely check back here as I will post any new updates regarding GTA 5 as they are released. There are still rumors that Rockstar is going to release new single player content for the game, but as time goes on and the focus has really been more on the online aspect of the game, it is seeming like that is unlikely to happen, but you just never know what Rockstar truly has up its sleeves. If you have the game, definitely check out some of the great content and different game modes for multiplayer. Trust me, it’ll have you wanting to play the online multiplayer portion instead of single player.

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