E3’s Open World Games

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Welcome back! E3 so far has had lots of news regarding game systems and game announcements and there has been no shortage of open world games.

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the biggest open world games announced and unveiled at E3. Some of the big game sites have been able to play demos of this sequel and generally like what they’ve played so far. I know I certainly like the fact that it’s in a new city along with a new and interesting character.

A lot of the feedback from the hands on of the demo are saying that it looks like Watch Dogs 2 is what the first one should’ve been as hacking has a lot more meaning and depth to it this time and you can hack into anything this go around and create some awesome situations.

Next up we have Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition. It makes me excited to play this game all over again, but now with enhanced graphics on the PS4 and the addition of mods! I played many hours of Skyrim on the PS3 and I know I will put in many more with the PS4 version.

I’m so glad Bethesda has decided to include the use of mods on the console version. People have been enjoying mods on the PC version for years and have created some spectacular ones such as dragons being more friendly or chickens attacking everyone. The special edition of Skyrim will come out later this year.

IGN made asked Bethesda when we might see an Elder Scrolls 6. They have said not to expect that for a good number of years of they have two major projects they will be working on long before they can think about touching Elder Scrolls 6. It kind of stinks that we will have to wait so long for a brand new Elder Scrolls game, but I’ll have plenty of fun with Skyrim and mods in the meantime.

Ubisoft has announced a new Tom Clancy game called Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It’s an open world game heading to consoles and the setting won’t be in the US. Instead it deals with being in another country and going after a drug cartel and its leader. The graphics on this game look amazing and the fact that the game developer has put a large emphasis on co-op on this game should make it even better.

I’m definitely curious to see how they will make they world here come alive since the setting takes place in less populated areas. The jungle and forests should make it interesting for take downs of the drug cartel you’ll be going after.

There are also more open world games that have been unveiled at E3, a lot of them for other consoles. You’ve got the new Legend of Zelda by Nintendo that looks amazing surprisingly, Forza Horizion 3 for Xbox One that now takes place in Australia and will have some urban areas this time around, State of Decay 2 also for the Xbox One, and Crackdown 3 is also on its way.

Rockstar hasn’t even made any announcements yet so you better believe that more open world games are on the way before the E3 conference is all over.

Well there you go folks, some of E3’s big open world games. We’ve got today and tomorrow to go through still with more announcements coming. I’m very excited of the open world games that have been announced and have added to them my list. I will most certainly keep an update on the final days of E3 and any potential open world games to be mentioned. Enjoy the video below of Ghost Recons Wildlands showcased at E3 from Ubisoft!



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