Banned from GTA 5? This is Why it’s Happening

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Have you recently been banned from GTA 5? Now I’m not saying the entire game itself, but from the multiplayer portion? Well here’s what’s going on.

According to the DailyStar, YouTube and Rockstar have teamed up to go after those who post videos about how to cheat online.

The type of videos about how to cheat show you how to use guns and weapons in passive mode (passive mode is where you cannot use weapons, but other players are not supposed to be able to kill you either), getting unlimited money and more. Here’s what some of the article says about it:

“Rockstar have set their sights on people who post cheat videos for GTA 5 and GTA Online.

In response YouTube has slapped several players with bans.

The most popular video streaming site in the world has removed content from user ‘GoldenGunGames’ – a regular GTA 5 YouTuber – after issuing three strikes to the channel for posting the aforementioned cheat/glitch videos.

Trusted videogame website VG247 has mentioned that GoldenGunGames was hit with these three strikes after posting eight of the offending videos over the course of two weeks.

GoldenGunGames revealed the news on Twitter, telling followers that it was now suspended from uploading videos.

“I literally feel like quitting YouTube, honestly all this hard work and effort, I’m done,” reads a GoldenGunGames tweet.

“Just realised that i’m legit suspended from uploading, I’ll probably have to wait a good 7 days to upload a update video.”

I posted an article about a GTA 5 money hack and the dangers of doing such a thing. Rockstar wants everyone to play fairly and posting videos like that is a sure fire way for you to get banned from the multiplayer portion of the game.

I can tell you right now that those who do that type of cheating makes it not fun to play. I’ve had numerous times the last few months where I have encountered players that kill me practically all the time and are nowhere to be found when I try to take my revenge.

It turns out that they are in passive mode and are glitching by hiding inside areas you are normally not supposed to go to like say inside a wall of a building that was not made to do that or even underground (not talking about the subways and other areas under the city)

It just gets frustrating when you are trying to enjoy the game and others just ruin the fun for you by doing those things. I am glad Rockstar and YouTube are taking a stand against this stuff.

YouTube will suspend your account for a length of a time and force you to remove those videos from your account that are showing the cheats/glitches, otherwise if you continue to upload those kinds of videos, they can ban your YouTube account and report you to RockStar.

One thing I do like though is that generally with each update that Rockstar releases, they also try to include patches that will put a stop to a lot of these glitches or exploits of the game. Unfortunately, given the scope of GTA 5, they can’t always catch all the cheats and glitches and sometimes the patches will create new ones.

My advice to everyone is to play the game as it was meant to be played. Do not ruin other people’s experience implementing or using these cheats and glitches. People get angry when you are killed with no way to retaliate. You can read more of that article here.

Have any of you encountered players online on GTA 5 that have used these glitches to their advantage? Did it make you mad? Do you know anyone who has been banned from GTA 5 because of posting videos on YouTube such as those? As always, feel free to comment!

Oh yeah, one more thing. I recently talked about Rockstar’s latest GTA 5 update that includes a brand new adversary mode called Power Play. It is a new mode where there are two teams going against each other and there are certain power ups available that give one team an advantage for a short period of time. Well here’s a trailer from Rockstar showing what this new adversary mode is like. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Banned from GTA 5? This is Why it’s Happening

  1. I completely agree with you, I feel playing GTA V online with people who hack, and just have all this money and weapons, and it makes the game just boring. It makes it to where you just want to play in safe mode, and who wants to do that? I hate getting camped, and its just not fun. However, I do enjoy the game, and I am glad they started cracking down on these cheaters. Thank you for the information, keep up the great work!!

    1. Hey there Kaleb! Glad you enjoy the game as it was meant to be played. Glad to provide the information and also glad they are finally cracking down on those cheaters!

  2. yea man I agree. I was able to find someone that was able to get me a bunch of money, but then a couple of days later I found that my money was gone, but luckily i wasn’t banned. the person that hooked us up with the money unfortunately was banned. Come to find out he was making videos on how to cheat. Does seem they are cracking down on this type of stuff. fun game though!

    1. Hi there Ralph. You are very fortunate you weren’t banned and I certainly know of the temptation of wanting to gets of money very fast. I’m very glad they are cracking down on this stuff too.

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